Scare Tactics: Labels Get OK To Put FBI Warning On CDs

If the threat of lawsuits didn't stop you, maybe a sticker will.

An FBI notice similar to the ones that warn home-video viewers not to make or distribute illegal copies is headed for CDs.

The recording industry and the FBI have struck a deal that allows CD packaging to include the FBI's logo on labels warning consumers about the illegality of file-sharing.

The label is not mandatory, and record labels are free to design the warning however they wish. The Los Angeles Times reports that warnings are expected to appear on the backs of CD packaging and that there are discussions about creating CDs that would display the warning onscreen when played on a PC.

Warnings emblazoned with the frightening FBI logo are the latest step by the Recording Industry Association of America to enforce their copyrights and curb the practice of illegal file-sharing. On Wednesday the RIAA filed lawsuits against another 532 suspected online pirates, which brings the total number of P2P network users the organization has sued to 914 since September (see "Recording Industry Sues 532 More File-Sharers").

An RIAA spokesperson declined to comment.

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