Evanescence Singer Apologizes For Cold Comments

Amy Lee tries to defuse tension with message-board posts.

Hoping to end the mounting tension between herself and Cold,

Evanescence's Amy Lee apologized for comments she made last week

suggesting that Cold were breaking up.

"I spoke out of turn about the status of Cold," Lee posted on

Evanescence's message board, EVboard.com. "I just wanted to say that

really sucked of me. I didn't realize that Cold hadn't made any

statements about the future of their band, and we don't really know

anyway. Cold's fans hate me now. My bad. ... Sometimes you forget you have

a microphone in your hand."

While announcing that Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo, who'd been touring

with Evanescence since November, was now a full-time member of the

band, Lee claimed Cold would not make any more records because singer

Scooter Ward was in rehab. Two days later, Ward confirmed Balsamo's

departure, said Cold would persevere and questioned Lee's right to

comment on his band with a message-board post on Cold's Web site,

Coldonline.com (see "Cold Continue, Return Fire At Evanescence's Amy


Lee also posted an apology on the same Cold message board Ward used. It

read: "Dear Cold fans, I'm sure the last thing you want to hear right now is

more of me running my mouth, so I'm going to make this short and

simple. It was not my place to make statements about the status of Cold

— Cold is not my band. I apologize. I've never claimed to be

perfect and I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong."

Evanescence's label, Wind-Up Records, did not comment on the posts.