Incubus Singer Severs Achilles Tendon In Bizarre Gardening Accident

Brandon Boyd says tendon injury has helped him jump to front of airport security lines, at least.

The bonus DVD included with Incubus' upcoming album, A Crow Left of the Murder, features a dramatic re-enactment of singer Brandon Boyd injuring his Achilles tendon in a bizarre gardening accident.

In the clip, a man wanders through his yard picking up dog excrement, then slips on a pile he missed and suffers a nasty fall that severs his foot at the ankle, causing a fountain of blood to spurt in the air.

Funny as it is, the excrement story is complete BS. Here's the real poop: About two months ago, Boyd was in his front yard repotting a tree, and when he lifted the tree he stepped backward onto a large shard of the original broken pot, which severed 90 percent of his Achilles tendon.

"It not only cut [the tendon], it lifted all of the flesh off the back of my leg," he recently told Los Angeles' KROQ-FM. "A hand-sized piece was shredded."

After suffering the injury, Boyd was unable to move and had to cry for help to his girlfriend, who was in the house. Problem was, the neighbors' gardeners were using loud leaf blowers and lawnmowers at the time.

"It was almost comical because I was grabbing my calf trying to make a tourniquet," Boyd recalled. "Maybe I was in a little bit of shock because I couldn't make a lot of noise at first. Finally I got enough of a voice to yell really loud, and I heard [my girlfriend say] 'What?' She was kind of annoyed, I think [because she didn't know what had happened.] I said, 'Please help me, call 911,' and she called the paramedics."

Boyd's leg was put in a cast, and the singer embarked on a press tour of Europe on crutches, flying from country to country to talk about the new Incubus album.

"If anything good has come out of my injury, it was being at the airport," Boyd told the radio station. "It was straight to the front of the line at every security search."

The leg cast was removed last week, and while doctors said it would take six to 12 months for Boyd's tendon to completely heal, the singer is recovering faster than expected, a spokesperson for Incubus said. The band is scheduled to play Europe in March and will begin a North American tour in June. A Crow Left of the Murder comes out February 3 (see "Incubus Experiment With New Sounds On Crow Left Of The Murder").