Britney On Her Marriage: Vegas Made Me Do It

Pop singer puzzled that her marriage was of such interest.

Britney Spears chalked up her 55-hour marriage to the power of Vegas, baby.

"I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, I totally do," she explained in a phone call to "TRL" Wednesday, "but I was in Vegas and it took over me and things got out of hand."

Spears wed hometown friend Jason Allen Alexander in the early hours of January 3. A judge annulled the marriage two days later (see "Britney Single Again As Judge Annuls Marriage").

The pop star seemed puzzled that her quickie wedding was on the top of the tabloids and tips of everyone's tongues as 2004 began. "Do you realize we landed on Mars that day?" she offered, referring to the six-wheeled robot Spirit that touched down on the Red Planet later that same day. "Why isn't the world talking about that?"

Instead, chatter focused on Spears and her easily exed hubby, with whom she admitted to have made some type of connection, albeit a brief one.

After only two questions on the matter, she wanted to change the subject. "I was in Vegas with my friend and we just hit it off ... completely," she said. "Let's talk about something else."

She wouldn't expand on the specifics of her connection, sidestepping the query with "That's a personal question ... but I do have a video coming out and it's really cool."

Spears was much more loquacious when discussing the clip for "Toxic," which then made its "TRL" premiere.

The clip finds the pop princess paying lip service to a host of guys, including a motorcycle-riding Tyson Beckford, whom she described as "so sexy and so cute" and "a hot mama."

Her kissing history includes the likes of Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell and Madonna, so it's nothing shocking to see her locking lips with hotties. Making out with a heavyset man in the cramped confines of an airplane lavatory is another story.

"That one was a little awkward," she admitted, "but he was cute. He was really nervous, so I tried to make him feel comfortable."

Spears added that he was also a perfect gentleman who kept "his mouth closed the whole time," a statement that's not exactly supported by the video, which shows both mouths clearly agape.

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