To Tour Or Not To Tour (And Record) Will Be AFI’s March Question

Group releases third single from Sing the Sorrow, hit road in February.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Another year of touring isn’t
frazzling AFI — quite the opposite.

“I usually bug out off tour at, like, day 10,” explained drummer Adam
Carson, who, along with his bandmates, is enjoying his first vacation
since before Sing the Sorrow was released in March. “It’ll be
nice to do another tour.”

AFI’s latest jaunt launches February 18 in Bakersfield, California,
with Coheed and Cambria and A Static Lullaby in the opening slots. A
few weeks later, Thursday will replace the latter until the tour wraps
in mid-March.

AFI will then decide whether they’ll release another single and remain
on the road or return to the studio and begin recording their next

“You never really know,” guitarist Jade Puget said. “If people wanna
keep buying our record, we’ll keep playing on it.”

AFI just released “Silver and Cold,” the third single from Sing the
and the follow-up to “The Leaving Song Pt. 2″ (see “Next Up
For AFI: New Single, Electronic Side Project, Fall Tour”

John Hillcoat, best known for his work with Depeche Mode and Nick Cave,
directed the video late last year in Prague, Czech Republic. AFI came up with the
concept involving the band literally running around the city, and
Hillcoat agreed to develop it.

“This one is more plot-driven,” Puget said. “We’ve kind of covered the
performance angle, so the ’Silver and Cold’ video just tells a story.
We did a little acting.”

“Prague is very cold,” singer Davey Havok chimed in.

“It’s also very beautiful,” bassist Hunter added.

When their tour wraps in March, AFI will not work on the
Electronic music side project Puget talked about in the fall. The
guitarist said he was just thinking out loud and that he and Havok
never considered recording something outside of AFI.

“It was just a little 10-minute interview in England, so I didn’t think
it would ever reach anyone,” he said, laughing.

As for reaching people, AFI have been blown away by how loyal their
fanbase — especially their official fan club, the Despair Faction
— has become.

“We were in Reno last night and saw Faction kids there from all over
California and Nevada,” Havok said. “We met a girl who had seven AFI

“One kid last night — he looked like he was about 14 — had
AFI on his knuckles,” Puget added.

“We met a really young boy, probably about 12 or 13 years old, with
eyeliner on, which really excited me,” Havok said. “It was pretty nice.”