Omarion's First Post-B2K Album Due In March

No word yet on recording plans of remaining three members.

The guy who just a few days ago was known as B2K's frontman isn't wasting one second furthering his solo career.

Omarion will drop his debut LP in March, according to Epic Records. Further information concerning the project — such as collaborators, the title or exact due date — has not been released, and Epic hasn't said much regarding B2K's division either.

All the record company said in its statement Tuesday (January 6) is that "the members of B2K, Omarion, Raz-B, J-Boog and Lil Fizz, are presently having internal issues that they're working to resolve."

Apparently the four youngsters aren't working fast enough to repair their differences. On Monday four concert makeup dates were announced to start in early February (see "Are B2K Breaking Up?"), but on Tuesday Epic announced that the shows have been postponed again.

In the words of Jay-Z, "it was all good just a week ago." Or so it seemed to the public. B2K were busy promoting their upcoming film debut, "You Got Served," and its just-released soundtrack. Then late last week rumors circulated about the foursome breaking up, and on Monday their manager, Chris Stokes, officially acknowledged B2K's breakup in a statement that also announced he would be managing Omarion's solo career.

J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz signed with new management over the weekend and plan to continue working together. There's still no word on the trio's recording plans or whether they'll still be called B2K.

Omarion will stop by "TRL" on Thursday (January 8) to talk to MTV News about his split from B2K and what’s next for him.