Stacie Orrico's Next Video Treatment: Just Add Water

In 'I Promise' clip, an average night turns into flood fantasy.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — After tackling several characters for her "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life" video, Stacie Orrico was anxious to make a simple performance video.

Director Antti J., who has worked with Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson, had other ideas.

"It's basically I'm sitting in my apartment, watching old Carey Grant movies and just kind of daydreaming and singing the song," Orrico said, the song being the Diane Warren-penned "I Promise" (see "Stacie Orrico Commits Herself To Third Single"). "All of a sudden water starts running down the television, starts running out of my phone, starts running out of my stereo and the room starts to flood. The whole apartment starts to flood and it's raining inside and it's really cool."

Not exactly simple, but still quite different than "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life" (see "Stacie Orrico Goes Looking For More In All The Wrong Places") and her first video, the teen-movie parody "Stuck."

"They were very conceptual, almost like mini movies, there was so much story going on," Orrico said. "So I wanted this video to be less of a story and more performance, artistic, just kind of visual and cool to watch."

Antti J. achieved the cool visuals using few special effects. "They actually built the set of an apartment inside of a swimming pool, and there were cameras and lights and everything inside the water," Orrico revealed. "They had to do all this special grounding so we didn't die of electrocution and all that, but it was pretty cool."

The "I Promise" video will hit outlets in early January, after the 16-year-old songstress takes a holiday vacation. She's been busy lately promoting her 2001 EP, Christmas Wish, along with the title track, which was re-released on a Target sampler.

The album includes the standards "O Holy Night," "White Christmas" and "What Child Is This?"

"I'm not a big fan of artists remaking old songs and trying to make them too contemporary," she said. "I think it's really important to keep the classic Christmas in the Christmas songs. So I really definitely tried to do that, to keep it something that people actually want to listen to around their Christmas tree."

Orrico hopes to hit the road in the new year but will be keeping February 8 open so she can attend the Grammys in Los Angeles, where she's up for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album (see "Jay-Z, Beyonce, Outkast, Pharrell Nab Most Grammy Nominations").

"It's very exciting," Orrico said. "I would consider myself the type of artist who definitely tries to keep my focus on the kids that I'm trying to reach and the people I'm striving to communicate with, so being recognized ... it's a huge honor."

There is one artist she will be particularly cheering on come Grammy night.

"Beyoncé, of course," said Orrico, who toured with Destiny's Child early in her career. "I'm really glad for her. She's a good friend of mine. She was a huge part of how I ended up in the mainstream industry, and so of course I'm proud of her."