David Banner To Send Five Lucky Fans To College

Each winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship.

Up until now, the "golden ticket" contest has focused on the kinds of prizes you could flaunt and get unlimited "ooohs" and "aaahs" for — a Mercedes Benz (Jay-Z), a spinning, diamond-encrusted medallion (G-Unit), a private party with your favorite band (Blink-182). Crunk rapper David Banner is throwing his name into the fray with the "Crank It Up" contest. But his winners will get something arguably more significant: a college education.

Banner is randomly placing five game pieces amongst the first 300,000 store copies of his forthcoming album, MTA2 - Baptized in Dirty Water, that will each be redeemable for a $10,000 college scholarship. According to Banner's spokesperson, the money is actually good for any post-high school education, whether it's college, graduate school, community college, trade or vocational school. If the winner has already completed their education or chooses not to go, they can transfer the prize to anyone else.

Of course, the "golden ticket" contests conducted so far — for Jay-Z, G-Unit, Obie Trice, Blink-182 and Puddle Of Mudd — have yet to yield a single winner. In the case of Obie Trice, the rapper placed three prize-winning tickets amongst the first 500,000 copies of his album — yet, he's already sold close to 600,000 and still no winner. The prize? A trip to Detroit to hang out with his label boss, Eminem.

"Crank It Up" is the first single from MTA2 - Baptized in Dirty Water, which is due in stores on December 23. Banner grew up in Mississippi and is a thesis away from his master's degree in, of all things, education, from University of Maryland.