DMX Parties Up In D.C. Club For 'Get It On The Floor' Clip

Latest video features Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, Drag-On, Jin

Much like his "Money, Cash, Hoes" compatriot Jay-Z, DMX doesn't seem like a man on the verge of retiring from the mic.

X has a new video airing soon that finds him sticking close to his MO of performing in front of the camera with a motley crew of people behind him and incorporating footage of his boys riding motorcycles and four-wheel bikes. He does switch up locations, though, for "Get It on the Floor," directed by Phenomenon (Eve, Kane & Abel). Instead of the friendly confines of the local jail yard, as we saw in "Where the Hood At," the Dog barks up a storm in club MCCXXIII (that's 1223) in northwest D.C.

"I know I'm going to hell 'cause I choose to sin," he growls in the clip, which features Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, Drag-On and Jin. Meanwhile, X has several women devilishly shaking it like a Polaroid picture as they face off in dance showdowns.

There won't be much dancing, but there'll probably be plenty of face-offs and possibly even someone getting their face clawed off in "Werewolf," a supernatural nail-biter DMX has signed on to star in (see "X Gon' Give It To Werewolves? Rapper Mulls Supernatural Role"). The flick is still in development, and the script is being rewritten, but the basic plot centers on X chasing werewolves.

DMX's next big-screen role is in "Never Die Alone," due March 19 with a soundtrack album dropping in April. X's spokesperson said the Dark Man has one major collaboration planned for the album and will probably appear on one other cut. "Never Die Alone" is an adaptation of a Donald Goines novel of the same name, which centers around a drug dealer's rise to a cocaine kingpin (see "DMX To Head North For Tour After Shooting New Flick"). has an exclusive first look at "Never Die Alone." Click here to see the trailer.