Paris Hilton's Co-Star — No, Not That One — Recording An Album

Nicole Richie won't be getting any help from her dad on debut LP.

WEST HOLLYWOOD — Perhaps for season two of "The Simple Life" Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie can go farm-to-farm promoting their albums.

The hotel heiress announced in August she would be hitting the recording studio, and now the daughter of R&B singer Lionel Richie has revealed similar ambitions. Richie insists, though, that she's been in and out of studios for a while now and that she's not trying to capitalize on her new reality-TV celebrity status.

"The reason it's taking so long is because I'm really trying to figure out where I want to go with it, because I play piano, violin and cello and I think it would be a waste to just put an album out and be like, 'OK, my show is out and here's my album and here I am,' " Richie said recently. "That's just so dumb. And I want to take my time on it and kind of incorporate all the training I've had in my past on it and make it my own."

Nicole described her music as "kind of edgy" and compared it to Christina Aguilera and Fiona Apple. "I listen to everything," she said. "I listen to Cat Stevens. I listen to Metallica. I listen to Britney Spears. I listen to everything, so I kind of want to make it a mixture of everything, really."

Richie, who is Michael Jackson's goddaughter (see "Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, Ludacris Denounce Treatment Of Jackson"), has not yet worked with any high-profile producers, but she said she's had offers. "It really depends on how we work together," she said about deciding who to record with. "I don't think it has to do with them as a person. They could be a great person but not a good artist."

What about a certain hitmaker behind dozens of his own classics, as well as "We Are the World" and several Diana Ross tunes? "No, no, no, no," Richie said about teaming up with her father. "That's so dumb."

Before releasing her debut, Nicole might showcase her voice on a different stage. Last week she auditioned for the role of Maureen in Broadway's "Rent," although she confessed she has yet to see the musical.

In the meantime, Richie can of course be seen in "The Simple Life," which premiered Tuesday night on FOX. The show, inspired by the fictional '60s series "Green Acres," trails notorious party girls Nicole and Paris as they endure farm life in Altus, Arkansas.

"I'm excited and nervous," Richie said before the debut. "It literally was shot seven months ago or something, so I've watched the episodes. My hair is a different color and, you know, I'm 22 and I grow a little bit every day, so it's weird to, like, see myself on television that was shot so long ago."

If Nicole's preview of her favorite episode is any indication, viewers are in for some memorable moments.

"When we worked at Sonic, this fast food place ... I got my privileges taken away from me because I was flirting with all the guys that were ordering food," she recalled. "And they were disgusting, like, hard laborers, they've got dirt all over them. And I'm like, 'You are so sexy, dirty and smelly. I love it.' And they were like, 'You cannot go outside anymore,' so I got put back inside. Then they put us in these milkshake outfits and we're, like, giving the middle finger to all the people on the street and we've got these big gloves with like three fingers and big milkshakes. It was so funny. We were rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard."

And, yes, Richie said there are already talks about a second season.