Chingy Tries To Get With Rudy Huxtable, Maps Out Holidae Tour

Rapper shoots steamy new video for 'One Call Away.'

SANTA MONICA, California — Where does a rapper named after a slang word for money meet women?

"I met her at a bank and I got her number," Chingy said at last week's Vibe Awards.

Perfect, right? Too bad it was scripted.

The bank hookup is the opening scene in Chingy's steamy next video, "One Call Away," and the woman is actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, best known as Rudy Huxtable on "The Cosby Show."

"It's just like I'm trying to get with her," Chingy explained of the plot. "[After the bank] I'm at a basketball game and she comes up with some of her friends and stuff, then she leaves with me. We go back to my house and play video games until we get in the shower. Then we get in the shower and ... I'm not gonna tell you all of it. You'll see it in the video."

Erik White (B2K, Ludacris) shot the clip in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and it's expected to premiere in early January on MTV's "Making the Video."

Chingy wanted to release "One Call Away," the third single from his double-platinum debut, Jackpot, as something for the ladies, after two party tracks, "Right Thurr" and "Holidae In" (see "Ladies, Chingy Wants You To Know He's Only 'One Call Away' ").

Before the song hits outlets, however, Chingy can be heard alongside Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe on "Shorty (Put It on the Floor)," the lead single from the soundtrack to Nick Cannon's upcoming movie, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (see "Busta, Fat Joe, Chingy Join Nick Cannon's Search For 'Shorty' ").

And speaking of movies, Chingy's been thinking of following in the footsteps of his mentor (and most rappers) and crossing over to the big screen. "I want to play a crazy wild hero dude or something," he said. "If the right role comes up, I might end up getting into that."

Meanwhile, the St. Louis native will continue hitting the pavement, with a string of radio-station festivals in December he's dubbed the Holidae Tour. In January and February, he's planning to join up with Ludacris and his posse for a Disturbing Tha Peace Tour, although dates have not been announced. And he'll also perform at MTV's New Year's Eve festivities in Times Square.

Chingy's Holidae Tour, according to Priority Records:

  • 12/3 - San Diego, CA @ KHTZ-FM festival

  • 12/8 - Minneapolis, MN @ KDWB-FM festival

  • 12/11 - Washington, DC @ WITH-FM festival

  • 12/12 - Rochester, NY @ WKGS-FM festival

  • 12/13 - Buffalo, NY @ WKSE-FM festival

  • 12/14 - Miami, FL @ WHWI-FM festival

  • 12/15 - Jacksonville, FL @ WFKS-FM festival