Mixtape Mondays: G-Unit

50 Cent raps about Ja Rule, Nas, Vivica Fox on his crew's latest.

Name: G-Unit

Mixtape: G-Unit Radio Part 4: No Peace Talks!

Hometown: Queens, New York

Joints to check for: "Pimp to the End," "No Peace Talks," "Boy Wonder," "Chase You Outta Here," "Clap Those Things" by Mobb Deep

Previous mixtapes: Well, since this is Part 4, take a guess

The 411: A couple of weeks ago, 50 Cent told MTV there was no way in the world he was going to sit down and talk out his differences with Ja Rule. Judging by the title of his crew's latest mixtape, he was dead serious.

On No Peace Talks!, 50 jokes about having cast the "LL spell" on Ja, saying that he's beaten him so harshly in their rap battle that Ja's career cannot recover. A couple of weeks ago, 50 also told MTV he's ready to take on any and all challengers should other rappers want to step to him.

"I'm game if any of them feel like they want that same treatment," 50 said confidently. "LL did it a few times — sent a few [rappers] back to the drawing boards. It's all good if you feel like that's the way you want to be seen. But know that in the end, when [battling] doesn't work out for you 'cause you're not consistent, you're outta here. You're not gonna sell anything anymore by time we get done."

Although the G-Unit have denied that Young Buck's recent freestyle line "I dip through sets in Harlem and serve" was directed at Cam'ron's Diplomats ("It was [meant] in a hustling way," Buck later clarified, adding that, "Where I'm from, when we say 'serve' we mean that in the way of transacting"), they did mention they were the object of a few disses from Nas' Braveheart camp awhile back. Since fans didn't really catch on to the static then, however, 50 said he's not going to pursue it as long as the other camp doesn't throw anymore barbs.

As for rumors of a Nas dis record, 50 said, "I'm not gonna jump from situation to situation — that's not what it's based on. I made a record ... I just recorded my thoughts. I record everything when I'm in the studio — whatever is on my mind. That's how I write my music. ... Nas put out a freestyle with [Braveheart member] Jungle, one of the little guys he gets down with. [Jungle] said something [about us], but with [Nas] being on the record, it's like [he was] co-signing it."

50 said the Bravehearts sent the song to DJ Whoo Kid, who is a member of G-Unit, so he could put it on his mixtape and radio show.

"When he sent it to Whoo Kid to get it played, I said play it. I told him to play the record so he could see the response to it [in the streets]," 50 said. "I never went to a DJ and said, 'Don't play this guy's record,' because if it's a good record, the DJ is gonna play it anyway. There's no response to it, it's wack," 50 said. "The record he put out wasn't effective, so why respond?"

It seems like the flame has also died down between 50 and Vivica A. Fox, who accompanied the MC to the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year (see "Madonna Smooches With Britney, Christina; Justin, Coldplay Win Big At VMAs"). While 50 reports that he and the actress have not been communicating lately, he said that if their relationship is over, the actress left him some great parting gifts.

"You know the raps bought the Benz," he said, rapping over the beat to Jay-Z's "Lucifer" in a freestyle on G-Unit Radio. "The cracks bought the rims/ Vivica, she bought the gems/ I told you I'm a f---ing pimp."

"Yeah, we was cool, we was hanging out with each other," 50 said. "[But we were] not in a relationship. ... It was too early to call it a relationship. It wasn't a publicity stunt. If that was a publicity stunt, then that was a good one. I haven't spoken to her. Know what? In all honesty I think she's a sweet person. If I say exactly how I feel about the situation, the people who are [reading] this may interpret it as if I'm trying to tear her down, and that's the last thing I want to do."

Also rapping about his love life is Lloyd Banks on "Pimp to the End," where he uses the instrumental from Juelz Santana's "My Problem (Jealousy)."

DJ Pudgee-P has dedicated his latest mixtape to the MC with "99 Problems," Jay-Z. Pudgee's latest joint is called Lights Out, and it features some of Hov's greatest hits, including "Dead Presidents" and "Streets Is Watching." P also includes some original remixes of tracks like "Can't Knock the Hustle" and "The City Is Mine," where he tacks on verses by Tupac and Alicia Keys, respectively.

DJ Lt. Dan shows up this week to introduce the game's newest white MC, Troy Walsh, a.k.a. Mr. Unlikely, on Country Clubbin'. Hailing from Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania, Walsh, among other proclamations, brags about getting too drunk to know the day of the week on "I Get F---ed Up."

While the up-and-coming Walsh says he wants to motivate hip-hop's music makers to write better lyrics, DJ J. Period takes a look back to when MCs such as Tupac, Eminem and Nas were inspired by life and death to pen some of their most bone-chilling rhymes — in content and delivery — on Dark Dayz.

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—Shaheem Reid, with reporting by Sway Calloway