Bow Wow, B2K Hope To Work With R. Kelly, Jay-Z For Joint LP

The two acts, who will record a collaborative LP, also hope to launch a world tour in the spring.

LOS ANGELES — Bow Wow and B2K are modeling their upcoming collaboration album after R. Kelly and Jay-Z's The Best of Both Worlds, so their choices for producers are only natural.

"We're going to the bigwigs — R. Kelly, the Neptunes of course, Jay-Z," Bow Wow said before Sunday's American Music Awards (see "50 Cent, Luther Vandross Take Home Multiple AMAs; Many Artists Skip Out"). "I wanna work with Lil Jon. Not only that, but just as many producers as we can. Missy [Elliott], definitely."

The two acts, who have toured together in the past, are hitting the studio in the coming weeks with plans to release the album and launch a world tour in the spring.

"It's just cool because right now me and B2K are like the teen idols for our genre, for our generation," Bow Wow said. "And it's only right that we do a collaboration album because I believe the only other artists [who have done] that was Jay-Z and R. Kelly, and we want to do it for the young that are tied down."

Before Bow Wow begins work on the still-untitled B2K project (see "B2K, Bow Wow So Far From Beef They're Planning Joint LP"), the 16-year-old rapper will shoot a video for the Neptunes' produced "The Don, the Dutch," the next single from his latest album, Unleashed.

"We're gonna remake the 'Smooth Criminal' type of thing, so it's gonna be like a long movie, then it's gonna lay into the thing," Bow Wow said. "It's gonna be hot."

Bow Wow should be getting used to being in front of cameras. He recently shot "Johnson Family Vacation" with Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa Williams and the pilot for a sitcom that just got picked up by the WB.

"It's called 'Saving Jason' and it's kinda like 'A Different World' mixed with like a 'Fresh Prince [of Bel Air]' kind of thing," the rapper said. "It comes out in July, mid-season replacement. Thanks to the man above, I have the opportunity to replace somebody."

Next on the acting agenda, Bow Wow will star in "Mr. Prez" (see "Bow Wow For 'President'?").

"I end up taking over the office and the whole country is basically run by me, so it's kinda crazy," Bow Wow said, flashing a smile. "I bring girls to the White House and we throw dope parties and have a good time."