Wes Borland Puts Eat The Day On Hold, Hopes To Hook Up With Evanescence

Ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist frustrated at having not found a singer.

Wes Borland can now understand what his former bandmate Fred Durst went through while hunting for a new guitarist.

After more than a year of searching for a singer for his post-Limp Bizkit band, Eat the Day, Borland said he will temporarily shelve the project while moving on to other ventures.

Borland said he plowed through more than 1,000 submissions from hopefuls, of

which he liked 30. After traveling to England earlier this year to audition a

few singers, Borland invited more than a dozen to try out for him at his

home studio in Los Angeles. At one point, Adam Yas of Oakland, California's little known Stalking Tom was announced as the singer (see "Wes Borland Picks Singer For His New Band"), only to be dropped several months later. Borland even thought about starting a new project with Filter's Richard Patrick — but in the end, it was all for naught.

"Nothing against them," he said of the people who tried out, "but no one was right

for a long-term commitment."

The decision came just months after the instrumental tracks Borland laid down

gained high praise from no less an authority than rock producer Bob Ezrin

(Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction), who at one point had been hired to produce the

Eat the Day album. In May, Ezrin referred to Borland as a "virtuoso playing at the top of

his game" (see "Wes Borland At Top Of His Game With Eat The Day"). When Ezrin heard the in-process Eat the Day tracks he said the songs struck him as, "not only innovative, but also reminiscent of some of the more adventurous guitar work that had been done in the past by people like Jimmy Page [of Led Zeppelin] and Dave Gilmour [of Pink Floyd]."

Instead, Borland is now turning his attention to production and has hooked up with Nine Inch Nails keyboardist/programmer Danny Lohner to work on a number of new projects, many of which were born through relations that formed while working on the "Underworld" soundtrack (see "Borland, Bowie, Maynard James Keenan Ready To Unveil Hush-Hush Project"). The pair, who worked with Patrick under the name the Damning Well on the soundtrack, have recorded four songs with former Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano for her next solo record and are expecting to

produce a few tracks for singer/actress/model Milla Jovovich's upcoming album.

Borland said he is also in talks with Evanescence about producing some tracks

for their next LP. "I would like to give it some of that old-world vibe so

it sounds like a band of gypsies," Borland said. "I want to give more depth

and richness to the guitars, but at the same time make them not as processed

and more organic."

Lohner and Borland have also been asked to produce a few tracks on the upcoming Trust

Company album and are in talks with English techno rocker Keith Flint (Prodigy) to

work on songs for his debut solo LP.

And, we may not have heard the last of the Damning Well. A song Borland and Patrick wrote before the Damning Well existed could be included on the unnamed next Filter album, Borland said, and may be credited to the Damning Well. The guitarist will probably also work on the soundtrack to the "Underworld" sequel, which is expected to begin production early next year.

At the very least, you should be able to check out some of Borland's

non-musical artwork early next year. The guitarist, along with his wife, Heather, and

Los Angeles artist Adele Pederson, are hoping to open a gallery show of their

oil paintings and sculpture in an as-yet-unnamed L.A. gallery in February or March.