New Releases: Jay-Z, G-Unit, Pink, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots & More

Is this really the last we'll hear from Jay-Z? Only time will tell. But in case The Black Album really is Jigga's final contribution to the rap game, get it while the gettin' is good — which is Friday — and not a moment sooner. Be on the lookout for one of just three golden tickets hidden in the CDs for the chance to win a Mercedes.

Not to be outdone, G-Unit will also drop their debut, Beg for Mercy, and for their four golden ticket winners they're offering $12,500 diamond-studded G-Unit medallions.

And if you're not in a rap state of mind, Pink implores you to Try This. The lead single, "Trouble," is accompanied by the punk-western video, and other tracks include the club banger "God Is a DJ" and the ballad "Catch Me While I'm Sleeping."

Kid Rock's self-titled album features a cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love." Plus, on his SoulO debut, Nick Lachey croons the "Newlyweds" theme song, "This I Swear," as well as "Shut Up," the song from his rockin' video. The disc drops alongside Matchbox Twenty's EP and Josh Groban's Closer.

Pearl Jam's Lost Dogs is a double disc, 30-song collection of B-sides and rarities that includes 11 previously unreleased tracks, while the Stone Temple Pilots' Thank You is a greatest-hits collection of the group's singles including "Plush," "Vasoline," "Creep," "Interstate Love Song" and "Sour Girl."

The soundtrack to "Resurrection," the Tupac Shakur biopic, features four previously unreleased cuts including "Runnin' (Dying to Live)," which is produced by Eminem and guest stars the Notorious B.I.G. The disc also includes "The Realist Killaz" featuring 50 Cent. Also dropping this week is the video game soundtrack "True Crime: Streets of L.A." featuring Snoop, Warren G and Westside Connection.

Finally, Mötley Crüe get dirrty on their box set Music to Crash Your Car To, Vol. 1. But first, it's time to collide with the rest of the week's new releases.

Out Tuesday, November 11: