Justin Enters The Restaurant Business

Singer has partnered with Los Angeles bar owners Art and Allan Davis on the restaurant and club Chi.

Let's hope he has better luck than his ex.

Nearly a year after Britney Spears broke ties with the New York eatery Nyla (see "Britney Spears Bails On Her New York Restaurant, Nyla"), Justin Timberlake is entering the restaurant business.

Timberlake has partnered with Los Angeles bar owners Art and Allan Davis on the restaurant and club Chi, which opened a couple of weeks ago inside the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

"There's in an indoor and outdoor patio with waterfalls, with seating areas around the waterfalls," Allan said of the motif, which was created by popular Hollywood designer Dodd Mitchell and described by the Los Angeles Times as "1930's Shanghai-meets-'Blade Runner.' "

Timberlake met the Davis brothers while hanging out at their other clubs, the Lounge and A.D., and came on to the project just as the room was being designed.

"He loved the concept, the design and the look, and we all got along," Davis said. "We talked about the seating and [he said,] 'This would be a great party room.' He said, 'I want this table over here.' He was moving in."

The 'NSYNC singer was particularly excited about the dim sum menu, a Chinese cuisine in which small portions of a variety of steamed or fried foods, including dumplings, are served in succession.

"He was in over the weekend and ordered about every dim sum item on the menu and four bottles of Cristal and sat by the waterfall," Allan said. "He's in Europe now, but hopefully Cameron [Diaz] will come in while he's away."

Cameron or not, Chi has already become a celebrity hangout. Allan said Gwen Stefani has upcoming reservations, among others.

Timberlake joins Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy and Korn's David Silveria on the long list of musicians who have launched restaurants.

Spears opened Nyla in March of 2002, but "terminated her relationship" with the other owners five months later, citing mismanagement and "management's failure to keep her fully apprised."