Bone Crusher Halftime Show Angers Some Falcons Fans

Stadium sing-along may have led to cursing in stands.

Heavyweight rapper Bone Crusher might boast about being "Never Scared," but he and his fans apparently put the fright in some spectators at the Atlanta Falcons football game on Sunday.

Bone Crusher, Jermaine Dupri and the Youngbloodz performed a crunkafied set at the halftime show of the Falcons' game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Bone Crusher dropped his hit single, "Never Scared," unleashing one of his typically exuberant performances. The Youngbloodz played an abbreviated version of "Damn," while Jermaine Dupri did his song "Welcome to Atlanta," which is used as a Falcons theme song.

It was Bone Crusher's tune, though, that elicited complaints to the team office, according to Falcons spokesperson Aaron Salkin. While he believes Bone Crusher performed a clean versions of the song sans profanity, scores of people in the Georgia Dome singing along might not have. "They might have sung out the real lyrics, and that's what [the complainants] heard," he said.

"It ain't my fault that the fans know the 'other' words of the song," Bone Crusher responded Tuesday (November 4). "I'm not singing it, they're singing it. I think [the people who complained] were mad 'cause I took my shirt off. I think they're against fat people. I think fat people are beautiful. They're afraid of the fat man, but the fat man is beautiful."

Salkin couldn't confirm the number of complaints received but said it was likely in the dozens. He said the team hasn't decided whether the incident would affect future halftime bookings.