Mixtape Mondays: Fabolous

Album features cameos by protégé Mike Shorey, Joe Budden, newcomer Needlz.

Name: Fabolous

Mixtape: More Street Dreams, Part 2 — The Mixtape

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Joints to check for: "Make U Mine" featuring Mike Shorey, "Fire (Remix)" with Joe Budden, "B.K. Style"

Previous mixtapes: Believe it or not, this is Fab's first mixtape, although he's been rapping on different DJs' street CDs for years

The 411: A few things should be said in advance about Fab's new mixtape. Undoubtedly, you'll be able to cop this CD at your local bootlegger, but the young Brooklyn smart aleck is actually selling More Street Dreams, Part 2 — The Mixtape in stores like a regular album. He's also using traditional methods to promote it, like shooting a split video for his first two singles, "Make U Mine" and "Think Y'all Know."

"I use [the split-level approach] to be able to do two different angles," Fab said of the two-for-one video method, which has also been used recently by DMX, Ja Rule, Monica and Sheek Louch. "I think it works like that. You can show one type of song and then another type of song."

"Think Y'all Know" was produced by newcomer Needlz and incorporates a lullaby-like chorus to coincide with Fab's rhyming wisecracks.

"You look hard, but on the inside you softer than a silicon t---y," Fab raps against Needlz's screeching synthesizer. The throwback jersey king later professes that he's got just the right methods to entice Bobby Brown to let him "feel up on Whitney [Houston]."

"I think y'all know by now that I ain't nothing to be f---ed with," the rapper later sings on the chorus in a nursery rhyme-like manner.

His pimp posturing carries over to "Make U Mine," on which he brags about making girls want to leave the one they're with, like Usher, and how other men have to take out orders of protection against him because he's taking all their mates.

About a third of the mixtape contains new songs, and on the rest of the disc Fab rhymes over beats from songs by the likes of Eve, Lil' Kim, R. Kelly, the LOX and Jay-Z.

Fabolous drops more freestyles on "Now What," which finds him promising to make girls open their legs wider than a field goal post and threatening to beat up guys worse than Sylvester Stallone's character did in "Rocky V."

Since Fab didn't work with a DJ on this mixtape, he's allowing the fans to play the role of mix-master. Street Dreams 2 is a mixable disc and fans who use special digital software made by Visonic can rearrange vocals and instrumentals on their computers. According to Elektra Records, Fab is also sponsoring a radio contest in which fans can win the mixers.

Never one to sleep, Fabolous' next official album will be titled Real Talk. He's in the studio recording the LP and plans to release it in May.

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