Snoop Dogg Pops Up On ESPN, Video Game, Knoc-Turn'Al Single

Rapper also at work on L.A. riots movie, two albums.

If Snoop Dogg isn't already omnipresent, he will be by the end of the week.

Having already released one album and two mixtapes, collaborated on dozens of tracks, shot a couple of movies, created his own variety show, launched a line of dolls and coached his son's football team, all in the past year, Snoop will pop up on ESPN, in a video game and on a single with Knoc-Turn'Al over the next three days.

The nearly veteran thespian will appear on ESPN's first fictional series, the football drama "Playmakers." Snoop will portray the brother of Omar Gooding's troubled character on Tuesday's show.

"I play a kind of square who used to be involved with the drugs and gangs and all that but found the right path," Snoop explained on the set of "The L.A. Riot Spectacular" (see "Snoop, Porn Stars To Appear In Satire Of 1992's L.A. Riots"). "I run a youth center with the kids, and basically I'm just trying to see my brother do the right thing, 'cause he's gotten in a little trouble and I come and got his back and let him know he has to do right. He's got to make a choice between right and wrong, and sometimes your friends aren't your friends, they are your downfall, and he's gotta make the decision."

Also on Tuesday, "True Crime: Streets of L.A." (PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube) will be released featuring Snoop as an unlockable character who fights crime while cruising around town in a custom convertible with hydraulics.

And, finally, Knoc-Turn'Al's "The Way I Am" featuring Snoop will officially hit radio this week. The fellow West Coast MC and Dr. Dre protégé has long been compared to Snoop, but the track marks their first collaboration. "The Way I Am" is the title track and first single from the follow-up to Knoc's Landin', due February 24, according to Knoc's label.

Snoop's also deep into a couple of his own music projects, most notably the long-awaited debut from 213, his group with Warren G and Nate Dogg. Snoop said the trio's album, tentatively titled The Hard Way, will be released December 16, although a spokesperson for the label said it was pushed back to 2004. The first single, according to Snoop, is called "Find a Way."

"We're trying to get the video together for it right now," Snoop said. "We're going to put a movie together for it also. We just trying to make sure it all comes together fly 'cause this is a dream project for me. We got a record right now that's blowing up all over the world, called 'Fly,' off the mixtape Welcome to Chuuch Vol. 2. Just trying to give the people a little something. I do records for the streets all the time."

213 are working with the Neptunes (see "Warren G Calls 213 A 'No-Brainer,' Raps Over 'Sesame Street' Track With Snoop") and frequent collaborators Battlecat, Jelly Roll and Hi-Tek, but no guest rappers. "We felt like this was our first record that the whole world was able to hear from us, so we wanted to make it more or less be about us," Snoop said.

After the 213 album, Snoop Dogg hopes to drop his next solo project, Snoopafly, in June.

"I already got a lot of [songs] done that's gonna be on that album," Snoop said. "I just know it's going to be a great record. I'm lookin' forward to working with my main man Puff Daddy. I'm going to let Puff do some things. Hopefully Dr. Dre can do a few things. Neptunes, you know, the usuals, Doghouse Production. I just want to make a quality record and show people I still got it."