'Matrix' Star Carrie-Anne Moss To Tackle Serial Killers In Next Flick

'Suspect Zero,' co-produced by Tom Cruise, to hit theaters next year.

Carrie-Anne Moss insists she's got a warm personality despite the fact that she continues to take on harder-edged roles. With three "Matrix" movies under her shiny leather belt, she's already completed a lean-and-mean thriller under the watchful eye of Tom Cruise.

" 'Suspect Zero' is a movie I made with Aaron Eckhart and Sir Ben Kingsley, two of the finest actors ever," Moss reported recently. "It's about a serial killer killing serial killers. It's very dark and intense and interesting."

The words "dark" and "intense" should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the previous work of "Suspect Zero" director E. Elias Merhige, whose resumé includes 2000's creepy "Shadow of the Vampire" as well as work with Marilyn Manson.

"I'm ready for a light film — some flowers, some dancing maybe, [but] I'm never gonna get it [if] I keep doing movies like this," Moss joked.

"Suspect Zero" was written by Zak Penn, who received a story credit on "X2: X-Men United" and penned the screenplays for "Behind Enemy Lines" and the 1994 cult comedy "PCU," with a rewrite done by Billy Ray ("Hart's War").

The movie was shot in the fall of 2002 in New Mexico, and in addition to Moss, the Academy Award-winning Kingsley and Eckhart ("The Core"), it includes William Mapother in its cast.

Mapother, a cousin of Cruise's, has had bit parts in the Cruise films "Minority Report," "Mission: Impossible II," "Vanilla Sky," "Magnolia" and "Born on the Fourth Of July," as well as the Oscar-nominated indie "In the Bedroom." Cruise does not appear in "Suspect Zero," but co-produced it with his longtime partner Paula Wagner through their C/W Productions.

"I play an FBI agent that's looking for the serial killer who is killing serial killers," Moss explained. "I'm just attracted to these dark characters. And I guess they get attracted to me somehow, which is really unusual because if you knew me you would go, 'What?' I'm not very dark at all.

"I could use being a little darker," she added, flashing a smile. "I'm a bit sunshine-y."

"Suspect Zero" hits theaters next year. "The Matrix Revolutions," which premiered in Los Angeles last week (see "Keanu Reeves Says Goodbye To Neo At Premiere Of 'The Matrix Revolutions' "), opens Wednesday.