Iggy Pop, Sum 41 Think They 'Know It All'

Elder statesman teams with upstarts; mutual admiration ensues.

Madonna put some luster back into her lust by smooching Britney.

Santana gained a fresh perspective with Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas.

Now the bratty, lovable punks of Sum 41 could put Pop on pop radio.

Rock legend Iggy Pop recruited Sum 41 for "Little Know It All," the

melodic, rambunctious first single from Skull Ring, due November

4 (see "Iggy And The Stooges Record Together; Green Day, Sum 41 Also

Lend Hand For Pop's LP") Iggy took a shine to

Sum frontman Deryck Whibley right away when the two parties met at the

recommendation of Pop's A&R man. In addition to admiring Whibley's

talent, Iggy got a kick out of the Canadian rocker's youthful zeal.

"He's a damn nice guy, but he's very 'girls, vodka, girls, guitars,

girls, vodka,'" mused Pop. "We've performed together a few times, and

they'll always say, 'Are you going to the after-show party, man?' And I

say, 'Well, no. I got a great girlfriend. It's getting late. I'm 56,

guys. I gotta get up in the morning.' "

The age gap was a temporary obstacle. Sum wanted to write a song that

the rock legend could relate to, while Iggy wanted to come up with

lyrics that would work with the band's brand of radio-friendly,

metallic punk.

"They tried to [reference] something that was historical," recalled

Pop. "But the most historical thing they could reference was early

Social Distortion, which was the '80s. I'd already been at it two

decades by then. But what they wrote was good. And I had a similar

problem with the lyrics, so I tried to write a lyric from their point

of view.

"I tried to remember how I felt when I was a kid and how the kid in me

still feels," he added, contorting his features into an exaggerated

pout. "'Oh, nobody really knows me. Nobody really listens to me. I

think I know better. There are some things I deeply feel, but I know in

a lot of ways that I'm full of sh--.' So that's why I called it 'Little

Know It All.'"

Two days after Pop performed at April's Coachella festival, he entered

the studio with Sum 41 and they quickly recorded the song. He was

impressed with how tight and efficient the band was in a recording

environment and said the door is open to future collaborations.

"They're a real smooth machine and they're heartwarming to work with,"

Iggy said. "I got excited by what they did, and my vocal went well. You

could feel the energy in the room. And Deryck sang beautifully on it.

He sounded like a beat-up choirboy."

The video for "Little Know It All" was directed by Manny Rodriguez and

features mostly performance footage interspersed with shots of Iggy and

Sum 41 playing pool. The clip goes to video channels next week, while

the happy team will reconvene on November 5 to play "The Late Show With

David Letterman."