Fountains Of Wayne Give Props To Hunter's Butt, Sip At 'Wine'

Sardonic rockers credit 'Stacy's Mom' success to model's gyrations.

After years of being perceived as a cult band, Fountains of Wayne are getting strong airplay with "Stacy's Mom," the first single off their new album, Welcome Interstate Managers.

True to their sardonic nature, the bandmembers credit the song's success to Rachel Hunter, the former wife of Rod Stewart and star of the "Stacy's Mom" video (see "'Your Mom's Hot!': Fountains Of Wayne Nab Rachel Hunter For Smokin'-Mama Homage").

"I think her gyrating on a kitchen counter in an S&M outfit has something to do with it," said guitarist and songwriter Adam Schlesinger without the least hint of a smile. "She's perfect for the video, because she's the right age and she is a mom and she still looks really good. She had a great sense of humor about doing it, too. She already knew Fountains of Wayne and was already a fan, so she agreed to

do it."

Currently, Fountains of Wayne are in the middle of a tour opening for Matchbox Twenty. Just don't tell Schlesinger that.

"Well, really they're on tour with us, but we're letting them go last because, technically, they have a lot more fans than we do," he joked.

Although "Stacy's Mom" is still providing the coins that fill the

Fountain, the band is eyeing the album opener "Mexican Wine" as the possible second single from Welcome Interstate Managers (see "Fountains Of Wayne Deliver No-Joke Rock Despite Success Of 'Stacy's Mom'"). Built around a Beatles-y melody and some whimsical lyrics, "Mexican Wine" addresses the general ennui of a society that endures mildly

unpleasant events on a daily basis.

"That was my attempt to imitate the way [vocalist] Chris Collingwood usually writes," Schlesinger said. "My songs tend to be a lot more straightforward narrative, and Chris' have been more free associative. I was really jealous of his ability to write this semi-nonsense that still held together, so I tried to sit down and come up with a bunch of images that didn't make a whole lot of sense, and then say at the chorus, 'What the hell, we might as well get drunk.'"

Fountains of Wayne are awaiting approval from their label before they start discussing the track with video directors. From what little thought they've put into it so far, they've determined that it probably wouldn't be a simple shoot.

"It seems like one of those songs that can't really be literalized the way 'Stacy's Mom' was," Schlesinger said. "If you tried to create visuals line for line, it would be prohibitively expensive at the very least."

Collingwood has a suggestion for this dilemma, though it's unclear whether he's kidding or not: The only way to deal with lyrics that make no sense is to concoct a video that makes no sense.

"We have this idea of having a goat with headphones on, and he's listening to 'Mexican Wine,'" Collingwood said. "And then for the second verse, there are two goats with headphones."