Mixtape Mondays: DJ Envy

Makes mark with Jay-Z's street buzzer 'What More Can I Say.'

Name: DJ Envy

Mixtape: Stunt 101: Part 2

Hometown: Queens, New York

Joints to check for: "What More Can I Say" by Jay-Z; "Pan' This" by Foxy Brown; "Hot and Wet (Remix)" by 112 featuring Ghostface Killah.

Previous mixtapes: Stunt 101

The 411: Give it up to DJ Envy for being the first mixtape maven

to put out Jay-Z's new street buzzer, "What More Can I Say." By the

time you read this, plenty of other DJs should not only have that cut,

but also have The Black Album's first single, "Change Clothes,"

as well.

If you haven’t heard "What More Can I Say," let's just say it's obvious

that Jay's getting ready to bow out gracefully with lines like "Pound

for pound I'm the best to ever come around here/ Excluding nobody, look

what I embody, the soul of a hustler I really ran the streets ... I'm

supposed to be number one on everybody's list/ Let's see what happens

when I no longer exist."

And while his one close homie Jay is ready to hang it up, Ja Rule

continues to tell the world that his career is not ready to take a dirt

nap. "What Y'all Want" relies on a computer-like synthesizer and the

Notorious B.I.G.'s lyrics from "Player's Anthem." "N---as, grab the

iron and keep it cocked," he exhorts, playing off Big's legendary lines

"N---as, grab your di-- if you love hip-hop."

On the remix to 112's "Hot and Wet," Ghostface is grabbing a girl with

a little bit of body odor and he actually likes it. Unleashing one of

his humorous and nonsocial raps, Tony Starks says he's "poison" like

the girl Bell Biv Devoe sang about years ago, that he's been humping

everything in sight since he was a child and plays "pin the tail on the


Whether you can get the butta joints on the street this week at your

local bootlegger or not, we here at MTV have come up with our own dream

Tupac mixtape. We went out and asked members of the hip-hop community

for a little help, and wait 'til you read what they came up with. Make

sure to read "All Earz on Me: The Essential Tupac Mixtape" later on

tonight on MTVNews.com. 

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