Jane's Addiction Plan To Flashmob Unsuspecting Public

Band inviting fans to join them at moment's notice for artistic hijinks.

Always one up for a good public display — especially a

subversive one — Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell is

planning a series of shows and happenings by incorporating the methods

of the flashmob.

Flashmobbing is the simultaneous assemblage of dozens, sometimes

hundreds, of people at a particular location, often for no reason other

than mass confusion. In the case of Jane's Addiction, however, their

flashmob-sters will be treated to an impromptu performance, art

installation or some other exhibition that is certain to disrupt the

social protocol, according to the band's manager.

In the flashmob phenomenon, which took shape earlier this year,

participants are notified by e-mail of a place to meet, and from there

they are given the location where the flashmob will take place. Jane's

Addiction fans who input their e-mail address or cell phone number to

HREF="http://www.janesaddiction.com" TARGET="_blank">the band's Web

site will be given their instructions on a gathering place


Jane's Addiction are set to embark on a two-week tour of the U.K. on

October 30, and the first flashmob display is expected to take place in

London. Domestic flashmobs are being planned for when the

band returns to the States.

The Jane's Addiction flashmob campaign is Farrell's latest flaunt with

cell phone technology. On New Year's Eve, the band's fans were wished

well in 2003 by a recorded message from the group at midnight in the

recipient's time zone. And during the summer's Lollapalooza tour, fans

could vote on songs in Jane's set list, get performance schedules, and,

like the flashmob concept, be clued in to meet at a particular place

for a surprise autograph session or performance.