JC Chasez Theorizes About Girl-On-Girl Action, Nabs Ol' Dirty For Video

Steamy Schizophrenic track to hit radio and video outlets in November.

JC Chasez has constructed an interesting theory pertaining to the opposite sex.

"There's three reasons why a girl would dance on another girl," he offered, explaining the basis for "Some Girls (Dance with Women)," the steamy first single from his upcoming solo album. "One, she's attracted to a guy, so she decides to tease him a little bit. Two, she's avoiding a guy. And three, she's a lesbian. I decided to take an optimistic approach. She's doing it for me."

So that explains Madonna's onstage fling with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"Everybody knows they're not lesbians; they're teasing the world," Chasez said, calling Wednesday while vacationing in Florida. "Girls are willing to do strange things to get our attention."

With "Some Girls (Dance With Women)," Chasez will likely be getting some attention of his own. The song, due at radio and video outlets at the end of November, features a provocative accompanying video and a remix with a guest appearance from Dirt McGirt, the rapper formerly known as Ol' Dirty Bastard.

"The record company said this is an event, you have to do something," Chasez explained. "I was like, 'I don't know, I kind of like it the way it is.' They were like, 'Just name somebody you think would rip this.' I tried to think of someone unique. Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott are amazing rappers, but they've done a million collaborations. So in my mind, Dirty is fresh. Fresh out of jail, yes. Nevertheless, no one's heard from him in a while and he's due to make some noise. And the verse he did is really cool."

For the video, Chasez worked with director Martin Weisz, best known for Korn's "Make Me Bad."

"Everything was done in good taste," Chasez said. "A lot of cats were worried it would be really strong, but it's just enough to put a smile on your face. I shot it with a very European feel. I didn't want it to be overly flashy and look like every video."

The video is set in the streets of Prague, although it was actually filmed mostly in Los Angeles, with Dirt's cameo shot a few days ago in New York.

"It's a narrative in that I'm the voyeur, watching the action," Chasez added with a laugh. "It moves [from the street] into a ballroom, but it's not a club scene. It's like a costume party, a Baroque period kind of feel, with white wigs and white makeup."

Chasez co-produced "Some Girls (Dance with Women)" with his friends Riprock 'n' Alex G, who worked on 'NSYNC's No Strings Attached.

"It starts off really bouncy, light, almost calypso feeling," JC said. "And then I added these little flute lines in the B verse that kind of made it really smooth and sexy."

The song is among the wide variety of party anthems on Chasez's Schizophrenic, due January 27 (see "JC Chasez Previews Schizophrenic Solo Debut").

Last week, JC premiered a different song on "The Wade Robson Project," the even steamier "A.D.I.D.A.S.," an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sex (similar to Korn and Killer Mike's songs of the same name), which is being considered for the second single.

"I kind of wanted 'Some Girls' as the first single because even though the title's kind of obvious, it's a very thoughtful track," Chasez said. "It's something we all talk about. It's like nobody ever really isolated it and pointed the finger at it. 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' is surprising a lot of people. It's just right in your face, which will be fun, but I want people to know I did spend time thinking about some of these songs."

Chasez is finished with Schizophrenic and will concentrate on promoting the album until the middle of next year, when 'NSYNC are expected to reunite (see " 'NSYNC's Return On Hold While JC Flies Solo, Justin Confirms").

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