Lillix Celebrate 'Girl' Power On Tour, Pay Homage To The Go-Go's On TV

Band's cover of the Go-Go's' 'This Town' to be used as MTV's 'Rich Girls' theme song.

After a week-long stint in Japan that followed an extensive tour of their native Canada, Lillix had little time to unwind. With less than a week off, the female quartet packed its bags once again to embark on the inaugural Girlz Garage Tour.

Surprisingly, it's also their first real tour of the U.S. After the release of their debut, Falling Uphill, in May, Lillix played scores of radio-sponsored festivals this summer before performing before their fellow countrymen. Luckily, the girls are not traipsing the nation alone. For the month-long trek that begins Monday (October 20), beat-laced rockers Brassy, pop quintet Peak Show and female-fronted punks the Start will also perform (see "It's Ladies' Night: Girlz Garage Tour To Spin Off Warped Tour").

"We're so excited to do this tour," bassist Louise Burns said. "As soon as we heard that we'd be on the bill, we knew it'd be a great experience. It's really well planned out. And it's our first, huge official tour so we're really excited."

Their mamas must have taught the Lillix ladies some manners, too, for they won't be visiting your town empty-handed. They're bringing along the gift of song — three new ones, in fact. "Duncan" and "Loser" were written by keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin and guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin, respectively, while Burns takes credit for penning "Turpentine."

"It has to do with isolation and loneliness," Burns explained of her song. "Those feelings run through me once in a while. It's kind of about getting some anger and aggression out. I've heard a lot of bands say this: You can be in a crowded room or onstage and have all these fans in front of you, but you just feel lonely.  You feel like sometimes nobody truly understands you and you just want to vent that out."

Outside of the tour, the new material will have to wait until Falling Uphill runs its course, which could be some time since the band wants to make sure the newest single off the LP, "Tomorrow," has plenty of time to run its course.

Linda Perry lent her hand on "Tomorrow," one of only a few of the album's tracks to feature a co-writer. Still, the songwriting superstar had one of Lillix's oldest songs to work with.

"Tasha actually wrote this song a very long time ago," Burns said. "It

was one of the first songs we ever really played together, and we kind of forgot about it for a while. When we worked with Linda Perry, we were just kinda jamming around the rehearsal space and Tasha started playing it on the keyboard, and Linda's like, 'Hey, I like the sound of that.'

"So she grabbed the guitar and we just jammed to it," the bassist continued. "We wrote a new chorus and bridge and 'Tomorrow' was born."

The girls actually brought another new song into their world over the weekend. Their cover of the Go-Go's' "This Town" will be used as the theme song to MTV's "Rich Girls," a program starring Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher which is slated to premiere October 28.

It will be Lillix's second cover to be used as a TV theme (their version of the Romantics' "What I Like About You" was used by the WB show of the same name) (see "Lillix Pair Angelic Voices With Rock Sensibilities On Debut"), but they have a slightly stronger connection to the source this time out.

"The Go-Go's are an awesome, inspirational female band so it'll be an honor to cover that song," Burns said. "And plus, it's a song you don't really hear that much. It's almost a rarity. It's going to be really cool to bring that back to life and hopefully make it our own while still doing it justice."

Some members of the band feel stronger about the Go-Go's than others.

"[Drummer] Kim [Urhahn] loves Gina Schock," Burns explained, "so hopefully Gina will hear it and say, 'Oh, that Kim drummer is great. And then they can hang out together and talk about drums. She's such a drum nerd."