Metallica Video Has 'Terminator 2' Star Facing Another Metal Beast

Clip for 'The Unnamed Feeling' captures song's bleakness, tension.

Actor Edward Furlong, co-star of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," and world-class surfer Rob Machado will both guest in the Metallica video for "The Unnamed Feeling," the third single from their latest album, St. Anger.

The band shot the clip on Wednesday in downtown Los Angeles with the Malloys, who also directed the video for the leadoff single "St. Anger" (see "Metallica's 'Anger' Lands Them In San Quentin"). "The Unnamed Feeling" video, which takes place in Little Joe's Italian restaurant, includes dozens of extras to help convey a claustrophobic vibe. Most of the video features performance footage intertwined with special effects, the details of which the band's spokesperson would not divulge. No add date has been scheduled for the video, but the single will go to radio December 2.

"The Unnamed Feeling," the slowest track on St. Anger, is filled with desperation and anxiety, revealing frontman James Hetfield's struggles with his insecurities and neuroses: "I'm frantic in your soothing arms/ I cannot sleep in this down-filled world/ I've found safety in this loneliness/ But I cannot stand it anymore."

On October 25, the band will begin a tour of South America, Japan and Europe, set to wrap up with a show in London on December 20. The band will perform in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and launch its second U.S. tour for St. Anger after returning from the Big Day Out festival in Australia and New Zealand, which ends February 1 in Perth.