Simple Plan Compile Their Stupidities In One 'Big Package'

DVD/EP includes new song, 'Crash and Burn.'

With their debut album certified platinum and a headlining tour on the horizon, Simple Plan can hardly call their newest song, "Crash and Burn," an indication of their career trajectory.

The new tune is included in the DVD/EP set "A Big Package for You," due November 25, according to a Lava Records spokesperson. Recorded earlier this month in Montreal with producer Steve Thompson (Anthrax, Rollins Band), "Crash and Burn" is found alongside live versions of the No Helmets, No Pads ... Just Balls songs "One Day" and "I'd Do Anything" recorded during a "Hard Rock Live" gig last month.

The DVD traces the Canadian quintet's rise to fame, from high school students in Montreal to a band accustomed to performing in arenas like the ones they'll visit when their headlining tour kicks off February 1. Simple Plan's video repertoire — including clips for "Addicted," "I'm Just a Kid" and current single "Perfect" — interviews and backstage footage are also included, though the most striking feature is the streak of humor that runs through the set.

"It's funny as hell ... funny as hell," singer Pierre Bouvier said. "It's like a two-and-a-half-hour-long thing where you can just watch us goof around and get to know us better. It's half informative and half really ridiculous and funny."

"[It's] a retrospective of our stupidities," added guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre, "everything that we've been doing through the year."

Bouvier, Lefebvre, drummer Chuck Comeau, bassist David Desrosiers and guitarist Jeff Stinco are getting some much needed R&R while contemplating how to top the humorously juvenile title No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls for their next effort. The break won't last long, though, because they're committed to a string of radio-sponsored holiday shows from December 3 to 16.