Floetry Trick Lovesick Label Into Releasing Mos Def Song

Pair called track 'This Is a Love Song' because that seemed to be all they could release.

LOS ANGELES — When Floetry's new single featuring Mos Def is released in a few weeks, the song will be called "Wanna Be Where You Are." However, for Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius, the tune will always be known by a different title.

"We called it 'This Is a Love Song' because [on] our first album there are a lot of songs that we wanted to get out to the people, and our record company wanted to put out all the ballads," Stewart explained Sunday at the Shortlist concert (see "Irish Singer Damien Rice Wins Shortlist Music Prize"). "OK, fine, whatever. We love all the songs on our album. So we decided to call it a love song so [they would] put it out."

Floetry's label, of course, caught on, but plans to release the song anyway. The duo and Mos Def are gathering next week with director Nzingha Stewart (Ol' Dirty Bastard, Common) to shoot the video. "It's a live, party vibe," Ambrosius said. "It's gonna be really full of energy."

"We spent a lot of time communicating about where we wanted it to go," Stewart added. "Really, you know, we're pretty sick of being told who our audience is. ... We're very much into reaching out and saying, 'Hello, we're here and we're available to everyone, not only to neo-soul-heads.' "

"Wanna Be Where You Are" is one of four new studio tracks featured on the group's Floetry Live LP, due November 18 (see "Live Floetry Album Will Include New Cuts, DVD").

After working with Mos Def on the song, Floetry are feeling inspired to seek other collaborators for their next album, which they hope to release in April. Outkast, Macy Gray and Erykah Badu are being considered, but Floetry aren't just interested in them for studio projects.

"There are so many different ways to collaborate," Stewart said. "There's going on tour with people — that's a great collaboration. There's writing songs for [someone] or together [with them]. Being able to pick up the phone and call someone ... and lend some advice. There are so many ways."