Jay-Z To Change His 'Clothes' For Black Album?

'Change Clothes & Go' is first single from November 28 LP.

The details are understandably tight on Jay-Z's swan song, The Black Album, as speculation has swirled for months about what the MC will pull out of his hat. Now, however, information is starting to leak out, despite his label's closed-mouth policy, including what the likely first single will be. "Change Clothes & Go," will be people's initial taste, a song produced by the Neptunes and featuring Pharrell on the hook.

As with everything Jay-Z works on, plans could ultimately change. But if they hold steady, the single would start to hit mixtapes and the streets by the end of October. The album is due November 28.

Jay-Z has said he'll use his favorite producers for The Black Album (see"Jay-Z Strays From His Blueprint For Black Album"). A spokesperson at Def Jam confirmed he's already worked with mainstays like Kanye West, Just Blaze and Timbaland, in addition to the Neptunes. The most surprising producer in the mix, though, has been Rick Rubin, who worked with Jay in Los Angeles recently. Jay-Z is still in the studio and there's no guarantee that anything he's worked on thus far will make the final cut.

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