Nelly Takes Fans To 'The People's Court' On New Single

'Iz U' is the first song from Nelly's remix LP, Da Derrty Versions.

It was only right for Nelly to give Sherman "George Jefferson" Hemsley a little camera time when he and the St. Lunatics shot the video for "Batter Up" a couple of years ago. After all, the 'Tics sang a portion of "The Jeffersons" theme song in the video.

Now would be a good time for TV decision-maker Judge Wapner to polish up his gavel. The St. Lunatics might want to give him a call soon because Nelly's using a part of the "The People's Court" theme song in his new single, "Iz U."

Nelly putting a brand new cut out on the radio certainly is no oddity, but what is a little ironic is that "Iz U" is the first single off of Nelly's remix LP, Da Derrty Versions, due November 25 (see "Nelly's 'Pimp Juice' To Get More Flavor Thanks To Remix LP"). On it, the energetic slang-thrower and his crew plan to retool and revamp some of their hits and album cuts for the project. While on Friday (October 3) Nelly's spokesperson said that it was too early to give away any more details surrounding the LP, a source close to the 'Tics said "Iz U" might not be the only new record on the album.

On "Iz U," Nelly rides the pulsating piano-driven beats that served as the musical landscape for "The People's Court." On the show, everyday Joes let the court settle their disputes, but on the song the only gripe Nelly has is with girls who act like they've got a curfew.

"She said, 'Is you is or is you ain't gon' give me a ride?' " Nelly rhymes on the chorus. "She said, 'Is that you with the Lamborghini, is that your car parked outside?'/ I said, 'Yeah, that's my car, girl, and if you want to you can go, but let me know if it's getting too late, and if not I can catch me another hoooeee!' "

In his verses, the gold-toothed crowd favorite spits a bouncy, self-assured flow, bragging about popping bottles, his ability to make girls shake like fish out of water, stacking big bank funds and getting heavy airplay.

Only time will tell if "Iz U" will get love on the airwaves, but the Lunatics are arming themselves with more ammunition just in case it doesn't. A video for the record is supposed to be filmed within the next couple of weeks.