Linkin Park's Joseph Hahn To Take On 'King Rat'

Hahn to make film based on book about a young London drifter wrongly imprisoned for murder.

Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn has made another move toward becoming a filmmaker.

The band's resident video director has purchased the option rights to shoot a movie based on China Miéville's 1998 novel, "King Rat."

"I'm still developing it, but it's a horror thriller and it's a modern-day tale of the Pied Piper," Hahn said Wednesday at the premiere of quite a different kind of film (see "Osbournes, Linkin Park Turn Out For Jack Black's 'School Of Rock' ").

The book centers on a young London drifter who is wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his father. The character is rescued from authorities by the mysterious King Rat, who claims to be his real parent as well as the leader of a rodent army driven out of Hamelin 700 years earlier.

King Rat trains the boy to fight the man who framed him for murder, the Rat Catcher, a flautist who works his melodies into drum 'n' bass music to turn London's dance music scene into his army.

"My agent gave me the book and I loved it," Hahn said. "It had a lot of elements I like. A lot of fantasy, a lot of modern-day culture, some background of drum 'n' bass music — so a little bit of everything I'm into."

Hahn is unsure of when he will begin pre-production on the movie, as he is currently tied up with Linkin Park touring through the end of the year.

The DJ recently finished another of the band's videos, "From the Inside," which he shot in Prague, Czech Republic, along with "Numb" (see "In The End, Linkin Park's Joseph Hahn Wants To Be A Filmmaker"). So far, the song is scheduled to be the next international single, although Hahn hopes to release it Stateside as well.

"It's actually one of the best videos we've done," he said. "It's about a riot that happens. We basically took over a historic square in Prague and let 400 people loose and we performed in the middle of the riot. It's basically a display of someone's power."

The video may be included on Linkin Park's upcoming live DVD, which Hahn said was shot primarily at a Summer Sanitarium Tour stop in Texas and will be released before the holidays (see "Linkin Park's Sanitarium Stay Documented On Live CD/DVD").