And The Tony Award Goes To ... Ozzy Osbourne?

Rocker penning Broadway musical based on mad monk Rasputin.

Call it "Diary of Another Madman."

Ozzy Osbourne, who titled his second solo album Diary of a Madman, is writing a Broadway musical based on the nutty Russian monk Rasputin.

The Prince of Darkness already has material written for the project and plans to record it at a studio he is building in the famed Osbournes house, he said last week (see "Osbournes, Linkin Park Turn Out For Jack Black's 'School Of Rock' ").

Ozzy, who recently parted with his longtime label (see "Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Parting Ways With Record Label"), also said that when he releases the songs, or any recordings for that matter, he'll distribute them independently.

"We don't like record labels," the singer's wife and manager, Sharon, said, sticking her tongue out to make the sound of flatulence. "[Poop] on record labels."

"Especially Epic," added daughter Kelly, who was also dropped from Epic.

"Easy," warned son Jack, who reminded them that he still works for the label's A&R department.

A spokesperson for the Osbournes said additional details on the Rasputin musical are forthcoming. Ozzy will next be heard dueting with Kelly on a cover of the Black Sabbath song "Changes," due on the September 30 re-release of her debut (see "Kelly Osbourne's Going Through Changes"). "It was really fun," Kelly said.