Missy Aiming To Infect The World With Her New 'Dutch' Virus

Rapper to shoot video for single in Los Angeles next month.

Back in August, Timbaland described the first single off Missy Elliott's November 25 LP, titled This Is Not a Test!, as having a feel similar to the popular flick "28 Days Later." In last year's thriller, most of England's citizens were stricken with a virus that turned them into ravenous zombies, so now it all makes sense: The lithe-mouthed lady lyricist wants to infect the world with a disease of her own — a new track called "Pass That Dutch."

According to Missy, the newest musical bug to invade all the clubs causes "heavy breathing, wild dancing and coughing" and when you hear her yell, "Hooty hooooooo!," run for cover. That's the warning she gives, via a mock PSA at the top of the record. Then, Tim's bottomless bass and tribal drums kick in.

"I could take your man, I don't have to sex himmm," she raps in a verse. "Hang him out the window, call me Michael Jack-sonnn/... Heavy-hitter rhyme-spitter, call me Re-Runnn/ Hey, hey, hey, I'm what's happ-nunnnn!"

"Pass that Dutch, pass that Dutch," she encourages on the chorus, before telling everyone to "shake your stuff" and "jiggle that fat." Missy is gracious enough toward the middle of the track to give a five-second pause to let everyone catch their breath.

Elliott caught up with a few of her peers to make cameo appearances on This Is Not a Test! Monica, Fabolous and the gospel group the Clark Sisters all appear on the LP, as does Jay-Z (see "Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Busta Record With Missy For Her New LP").

"I've done a song with Missy called 'Wake Up' that's kinda hot," Jay said on Wednesday. "I think it's going to be the B-side to her single."

Timbaland handled most of the beats, but Missy reached outside of her immediate musical crew to producers Craig Brockman, the Soul Diggaz and Nisan Stewart for tracks as well.

Missy is scheduled to shoot the video for "Pass That Dutch" from October 8-10 in L.A. with director Dave Meyers.