'Gigolo' Nick Cannon Sure Is Hooking Up A Lot In Hollywood

Slew of new films includes December's 'Love Don't Cost a Thing.'

In the video for his song "Gigolo," Nick Cannon wears a suit and rocks a pimp perm, but it's likely he'll be grabbing more attention from all the work he's got lined up on the big screen.

The 22-year-old star of last year's "Drumline" will be going undercover in "Underclassman," which begins shooting next month. In the film, he stars as a baby-faced rookie cop who doesn't get taken seriously. While on a trivial assignment at an elite private school, he comes across an international stolen-car ring.

If negotiations go well, Cannon will be facing troubles of another kind in "Beltway." He just sold the treatment to Miramax, according to his rep, and in the movie he's supposed to play a Capitol Hill intern who gets tossed in the middle of an illegal plot involving the CIA.

His role in "Garfield," which centers around the famous cartoon character, might not involve danger, but you can bet Nick will be getting into plenty of mischief. Cannon, who also recently filmed scenes for Jennifer Lopez's "Shall We Dance?," has signed on to voice one of the feline's friends.

On December 13 moviegoers will see Cannon undergo a makeover in order to win some buddies in "Love Don't Cost a Thing." The flick is a remake of the '80s romantic comedy "Can't Buy Me Love" and finds Cannon teaming with Christina Milian, who had small roles in "American Pie" and "The Wood." When Milian's character gets into trouble, she turns to nerdy Alvin Johnson (Cannon) for some quick cash. In return, he enlists her to help him become popular.

Meanwhile, Cannon's self-titled debut album, featuring Mary J. Blige, B2K and R. Kelly, drops October 21.

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