Bone Crusher Threatens Topless 'Fat Man Stomp' In Next Video

Clip for first single from Vanglorious has strict dress code.

You might not catch Bone Crusher on the dance floor shaking it like a Polaroid picture, but when the rotund MC decides to move and groove, you will definitely notice. You might even feel it.

The first single from his new album, Vanglorious, is ready to be unleashed any day now, and it'll introduce Bone Crusher's new dance. " 'The Fat Man Stomp' is gonna take over the world," he warned on Monday. The song is named after the jig he does onstage, where he bounces and takes one leg and stomps it to the ground.

"You just gotta see it. You know how the Youngbloodz do their stomp? It not like that," he said. "Youngbloodz do a little skip with theirs. Mine is like an earthquake shattering situation. When the fat boy comes in stomping, the world will stand at attention and understand the buildings are vibrating and shaking. Believe it."

On the chorus, the 380-pound Crusher sings, "Go 'head, you fat mutha----er/ Go, fat boy/ Go, fat boy/ Go, fat boy, go."

Everyone was cheering on Bone early this year when he put out arguably the hip-hop song of the year, "Never Scared" (see "Bone Crusher Serves 'Scared' Rap Competitors A Steaming Slice Of ATL"). He later capitalized on its momentum with a remix single and video featuring Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Cam'ron. But rather than releasing a second single off his June debut, Attenchun!, Bone said he wanted to maximize the love he's getting by dropping an entire new album.

"While the hype's still here, we'll just try to keep these albums pumpin'," he explained. "Before this [next] album gets dead, we'll have another one."

Bone's been working on Vanglorious for a month now, using the same up-and-coming producers from the first album, and he hopes to release it in December. He said his So So Def family members the Youngbloodz and Daz appear on the project, as do the Ying Yang Twins.

"We're trying to make sure it's outstandingly, fantastically fresh — 150 percent. That's gonna always be the case. I think the pressure is not on me, it's on Arista to step to the plate and make this thing pop. I'mma do my job."

And whoever is picked to direct the "Stomp" video will have to do the job of enforcing Bone's strict dress code. "The video is going to be star studded," he said. "I have everybody coming through — 50 and the G-Unit, Fatman Scoop, Fat Joe. Everybody has to have their shirts off. We're gonna have a good time."

The wild-haired rapper said he's been having a great time the past few months since exploding onto the scene. He's done records with the likes of Mariah Carey and Elephant Man and toured with Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous and the G-Unit on the Rock the Mic tour.

"It's crazy, but I love the craziness," he said about his rise. "I'd rather be on the road doing shows, making sure the people enjoy themselves, than sitting at home watching the paint dry. I really do appreciate all the love the people are giving me."

Crusher gets to return the love later this year by spreading some Christmas cheer. He's signed on for TVT Records' Crunk Christmas compilation, which will also feature David Banner and the Ying Yang Twins. Lil' Jon is producing the album, and Bone contributed an original track tentatively titled "Who's Coming to Town" (see "Rudolph, Santa, Frosty Are Getting Crunk This Christmas").