Chevelle Plan Headlining Tour, Are Happy To Offer Fans 'Closure'

Band also set to release live DVD on October 14.

Before they dive headlong into their next record, Chicago rockers Chevelle are seeking closure for their 2002 album, Wonder What's Next.

Their latest single, "Closure," is rapidly climbing the rock charts, and seems likely to soon replace their last single, "Send the Pain Below," which is still getting strong airplay.

"People have been really good to us," drummer Sam Loeffler said. "Our songs keep building and building to the point where you can't get them off the radio. It's funny because I remember when [the first single] 'The Red' went to radio, and I was like, 'How can that get on the radio? It's got these big, big screams in it.' "

Loeffler is especially thrilled that "Closure" is causing listeners' ears to perk. As much as he likes the previous singles, he has a special fondness for the new cut (see "Chevelle Thinking About Horses, Pineapples For 'Closure' Clip").

"I like it because it's really different for us," he said. "It's a really quiet song, almost a ballad. Not unlike [frontman] Pete [Loeffler], the song is moody. It's basically about closure for a relationship. People go through experiences and they can't really get out of them until they have some closure. But the whole thing is him saying, 'No, I'm cool with it.' And at the end he says that he'll take it all back because he's still using the anger."

A video for "Closure" will be released shortly. The clip was taken from the band's upcoming DVD, "Live at the Norva," which documents a performance in Norfolk, Virginia, during an off-day on this year's Ozzfest. The home video, due October 14, contains 14 songs including "The Red" and "Send the Pain Below."

"[The DVD] is just a good interpretation of what we're doing right now," Sam said. "We're going to change as we continue writing new stuff. Things are going to get different, and we really wanted to be able to look back and remember what it was like at this time. It's a snapshot of our professional life."

Chevelle are currently making plans for their first major headlining tour, which will launch November 1 in Cleveland. Dates will run through at least December 17 in the band's hometown of Chicago. S.T.U.N. will open all the shows.

"We headlined a little in February, but it was really short and we had to play small markets because it was during the Music as a Weapon and Ozzfest tours," Loeffler said. "Now we can play wherever we want, so that's what we're doing. I've never looked forward to something more than this tour."