Live Floetry Album Will Include New Cuts, DVD

Floetry Live, due November 18, will have four fresh studio songs.

NEW YORK — Floetry are in motion on a proper follow-up to the acclaimed Floetic, but in the meantime the R&B/hip-hop duo will release four new studio songs on a live CD.

"We haven't really recorded since we made the album ... in three weeks in 2000," rapper Natalie Stewart said, dressed in a "Jesus Is My Homeboy" T-shirt at this year's MTV VMA Radio Forum. "Now we have an audience and we're putting these songs on there just to let everyone know what's happened in that space of time, and we're trying to get another album out in February."

Floetry Live, due November 18, will include a bonus DVD of footage from a July 3 show at the House of Blues in New Orleans. At least one of the new studio songs will be released as a single, possibly one featuring Mos Def. A live track may also be released.

"The problem we had with the first album was really selecting what singles to have — we love all of them," singer Marsha Ambrosius said. "We love our album. We really care about everything."

Since Floetic was released last fall, the British pair have garnered several awards, including three Soul Train Lady of Soul trophies. The album is also among the 10 finalists for the Shortlist Music Prize.

"It means an awful lot, especially when you've got your head down and you're working and putting 150 percent in and you really care, even the stuff people don't understand," Stewart said.