LL Cool J, Christian Slater To Take On New Jobs In 'Mindhunters'

Psychological thriller hits theaters January 9.

When it comes to the movies, LL Cool J is fast becoming something like a phenomenon. The rapper/actor can add yet another film, "Mindhunters," to his ever expanding acting resúme.

LL will be starring alongside Val Kilmer and Christian Slater in the psychological thriller.

According to a spokesperson for Dimension Films, the movie is about an FBI training program that is used by the agency's psychological profiling division to track down serial killers. The training goes horribly wrong, however, when a group of seven young agents discovers there's a killer in their midst. The few agents that are left alive are forced to put their newly learned skills to the test to unravel the mystery or they will die at the killer's hands.

Kilmer plays the trainer of the FBI agents, while LL Cool J plays Gabe Jenkins, one of the profilers.

The film hits theaters on January 9.