P. Diddy, Pharrell, Lenny Get Down And 'Dirty Like Aguilera' For Video

'Show Me Your Soul' clip shot Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey.

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey — It would be the ultimate social club: P. Diddy, Pharrell Williams and Lenny Kravitz are the big-dog charter members and there are no rules. If you're lucky enough to find their secret hideout, you just might run across Lenny playing his guitar on top of a Phantom Rolls-Royce, Pharrell doing flips onto a skateboard and Diddy rocking the mic. If only it were real.

What is real is the fact that all three artists engaged in some of these activities while shooting the clip for "Show Me Your Soul," the latest single from the "Bad Boys II" soundtrack. The filming took place at an abandoned warehouse with Diddy, Kravitz, Williams and Bad Boy rapper Loon all present. Director Chris Robinson orchestrated the scenes.

(Click for photos from the video shoot.)

"We start the video when [it is] 3 a.m. on a desolate street and nothing's going on," P. Diddy explained Thursday of the clip for the song, which came out on his Bad Boy label over the summer. "You got me and Lenny driving up in the Phantom. You don't know where we're going. We drive to the elevator, the doors open and it's hysteria," he said. "It's decadence. It's our own little clubhouse. I live here, Lenny lives here, Pharrell lives here. Everybody who's partying lives here. It's our own little cult," he added.

"Diddy called me and said, 'I'd like to get you on a track,' " Kravitz said of the collaboration. He was sporting a Chinese gi-inspired robe and braids with sections of his hair sticking out like peacock feathers. "[Me and Diddy have] been talking about doing a track together for years now. We'd never had the opportunity and it was time. Diddy, myself and Pharrell went into the studio in Miami and put this track together.

"It was really smooth," he continued, explaining what it was like to work with the two star beatmakers. "You'd think it'd be really difficult having three people that are used to producing their own material in a room together. There was so much mutual respect as brothers and musicians that we really made room for each person to express themselves. No drama, no ego. It was like just three homeboys hanging out."

Diddy mentioned that he and Lenny used to hang out a lot back in the day and that they actually formed a friendship before ever achieving success in the music industry.

"We used to live on the same block," he revealed. "So, we was neighbors — struggling, up-and-coming artists and producers. We had to borrow sugar and milk and give each other the key to [each other's] apartments when it came time to do a little bit of creeping."

Around the fifth hour of shooting, however, no one was creeping. Everyone on the set was partying. Diddy and Kravitz had a "Soul Train" line of dancing men and women ready to greet them when they pulled up in their rare luxury vehicle. Pharrell, who wore a gold and diamond-flooded skateboard around his neck, had just finished demonstrating his skate skills by doing a cartwheel onto a skateboard. The singing producer then began preparing himself to get on a bed and spit game to two cuties about "getting dirty like Aguilera."

"I'm excited to be in the video with those dudes," Williams said of Diddy and Kravitz later on in his trailer. "It's cool. There's a lot of hot, beautiful chicks. I don't like reflecting on myself too much, but this is the best apprenticeship you could ever have.

"Lenny is somebody I have always looked up to," he added. "I always thought he was the epitome of rebellious music — [he creates] music that speaks for a lot of the youth. He's very unafraid. [And] Puff is a marketing genius. He knows how things should be and what works great with his music and can appreciate other kinds of music. I look up to him as well. It's a total pleasure working with two dudes like that."