Apple Sues Apple

Beatles' record label files suit against Apple Computers.

The Beatles' Apple Corps record label is accusing Apple Computers of souring on a deal.

Apple Corps Ltd., owned by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and the estate of George Harrison, filed a lawsuit against Apple Computers, accusing the makers of iPods, the iTunes music store and a host of other technological advancements of violating an agreement stating that the computer company would stay out of the music business.

The deal was struck in 1991 to outline the future use of the name and logos. With the launch of iTunes and iPod, the label contends that Apple Computers has gone from RAM and ROM to rap and rock.

"Over a decade ago, Apple signed an agreement with Apple Corps, a business controlled by the Beatles and their heirs, which specified the rights each company would have to use the 'Apple' trademark," read a statement from the computer company. "Unfortunately, Apple and Apple Corps now have differing interpretations of this agreement, and will need to ask a court to resolve this dispute."

Apple Corps Ltd. filed the suit in London's High Court in July, about two months after the launch of iTunes, seeking monetary damages and a judgment to uphold the deal.

The computer company received notice recently.