Kelly Osbourne's Going Through Changes

Singer reissuing her debut LP with new label, new title, new and live tracks.

Four months after splitting with Epic Records, Kelly Osbourne has found sanctuary ... or perhaps it's found her.

Whatever the case, Osbourne has inked a new recording deal with Sanctuary Records, according to her publicist. Her first foray for the label, which houses a diverse roster including Kiss, Morrissey and RZA, will be a retitled reissue of her debut album, Shut Up. The LP, due September 30, will now be called Changes.

Five tracks differentiate the two albums. One of them, a cover of the Black Sabbath tune "Changes," features a contribution from her father, Ozzy, and will serve as the album's first single. The pair rewrote the song's lyrics to illustrate how the relationship between a father and daughter changes with time.

The original version of "Changes" appeared on 1972's Black Sabbath Vol. 4.

Live versions of Shut Up songs "Disconnected," "Too Much of You," "On the Run" and the LP's second single, "Come Dig Me Out," which followed the title track, round out the set.

The Osbournes and Epic severed ties in May (see "Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Parting Ways With Record Label"). While Shut Up, released in November, was Kelly's only effort for the label, her daddy has been connected with Epic or its parent company, Sony Music, since first going solo with 1980's Blizzard of Ozz. There is no word yet on a new label deal for Ozzy.

Kelly has already written a handful of new songs for her second proper album (see "Kelly Osbourne Has More To Say Than Just Shut Up").

In other Osbournes news, matriarch Sharon said she temporarily left Ozzy this spring, around the time son Jack entered drug rehab (see "Jack's Addiction: Jack Osbourne Talks About His Addiction and Recovery"). While Jack was waiting for a bed to open up at a Pasadena, California, treatment center, Ozzy was abusing booze and drugs and wouldn't stop. So she left him for four days.

"The minute I left, the next morning, he gave up drinking," Sharon said in an interview with Barbara Walters for "20/20," "but I needed to make sure that he was on a roll. That he really meant it."

Sharon's interview is scheduled for broadcast Friday on ABC.

On Monday, her talk show "The Sharon Osbourne Show" premieres in syndication. First-week guests include Justin Timberlake, Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson, Seth Green and Lance Bass, who's interviewed in bed for a segment called "Under the Covers."