Westside Connection To Drop Threats In December

First single from LP is 'Gangsta Nations.'

They said that gangstas make the world go 'round, and now the original gangstas from the Left Coast have set a date to make the earth spin again.

Terrorist Threats, the new album from Westside Connection, the Los Angeles all-star trio of Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10, will drop on December 9.

All those rappers looking for their next check from a new R&B collabo, beware. On the song "Rappers in Love," the three MCs heckle those peers they think have undermined their own masculinity with said collaborations (see "Westside Connection Take Aim At Lovesick R&B Rappers"). Clearly, Mack 10 has forgotten his thug-love duet with wife T-Boz, "Tight to Def."

The first Westside Connection LP, Bow Down, was released seven years ago. In the time since, the idea of reconnecting for another record was alive but continually sidetracked while WC and Mack 10 released solo albums, and while Ice Cube worked in both the music and movie worlds.

The first single from Terrorist Threats is the song "Gangsta Nations." It features resident g-funk crooner Nate Dogg and was produced by frequent Snoop producer Fred Wreck. A video for the song is expected to be shot soon.

Other producers on the album include Sir Jinx, Megahertz and "21 Questions" producers Midi Mafia.

Previously, Westside Connection shot a video for the song "Lights Out," which is also included on this record. That track doubled as the lead single for Mack 10's recent compilation, Ghetto, Gutter and Gangsta.

Track list for Terrorist Threats, according to Priority Records:

  • "Intro"

  • "911"

  • "Potential Victims"

  • "Gangsta Nations" (featuring Nate Dogg)

  • "Get Ignit"

  • "Pimp the System"

  • "Don't Get Out of Pocket"

  • "Izm"

  • "Rappers in Love"

  • "Lights Out"

  • "Bangin' @ the Party"

  • "Got to the Heart"

  • "Terrorist Threats"

  • "Super Star"