Dave Matthews Band Plans Free NYC Concert

Fans encouraged to donate to charity, not pay admission.

The day after Dave Matthews releases his solo album, Some Devil, the Dave Matthews Band will play a benefit show in New York's Central Park.

The concert, which will be recorded for release on CD and DVD, will take place September 24 on the park's Great Lawn and is free of charge. A ticket is required to attend, however, and those can be obtained via the band's Warehouse fan association.

The show is part of the AOL Concert for Schools and aims to raise money for the Fund for Public Schools of New York City and the Music Resource Center in the band's home base of Charlottesville, Virginia. Fans are encouraged to donate to those organizations through the band's charitable organization, the Bama Works Fund.

Additional details on acquiring tickets and making donations can be found at the band's Web site.

Fans probably shouldn't expect Matthews to whip out solo tunes during the show, as he said it hadn't occurred to him to road test the new material while he was out with the band.

"I never played [the solo songs] because I finished the record, and then I went on tour with the band, and then I forgot everything," Matthews said. "We're on the road playing our stuff, and I don't feel compelled to do this, especially seeing this album isn't even out yet, to do any of the songs that are on it. I kind of like the idea of keeping it a secret until it's ready to go. But they'll work when I play them, they'll work as well as they can."

It wasn't until last week, during Thursday's taping for an MTV2 special, that Matthews started to figure out which songs he'd even be equipped to sing for solo performances.

"I'm not going to play 'Some Devil' because I can't sing it because I've been on the road and my voice is kind of scratchy," he said before the taping. "So I'm playing 'Save Me' and 'So Damn Lucky.' I was going to play other things, but I can't play them, because my voice isn't doing all that well, so I have to make do with stuff that's in a lower register."

Not to fear — Matthews said that he'll be fully recovered in time.

"It's not shot, shot, shot, shot," Matthews explained. "It's just a little sleepy, because it hasn't had enough rest. I could do it probably if I forced it out, but then it would look like I had some sort of gastral problem, and then I would make this face, which I would probably do anyway, and then it would hurt in my voice. So I'd rather do songs that are a little easier."

"MTV2 Presents: Dave Matthews" airs September 19 at 9 p.m. on MTV2.