50 Cent Wanted For Questioning In Connection With Shots Fired At Hotel

According to police, not long after 50, members of his crew stepped inside Doubletree Hotel in Jersey City, shots were fired.

Police in Jersey City, New Jersey, want 50 Cent and the people who were traveling with him early Tuesday morning to turn themselves in for questioning about shots that were fired at a hotel around midnight Monday night.

According to Jersey City police, not long after a man they believe to be 50 and members of his crew stepped inside the Doubletree Hotel there, shots were fired. Police found 10 shell casings from two different guns, a .40 caliber and .45 caliber, in front of the hotel and 200 feet away in a tire shop, the window of which was shattered by a bullet.

A hotel surveillance camera caught the incident on tape, officers said. Police are analyzing the footage to determine if someone was firing on 50 and company and if the rapper's associates fired as well. Police do not know if anyone was injured because, according to eyewitnesses, 50 was whisked away in his SUV immediately after the gunfire stopped. Jersey City police are working with the NYPD to identify members of 50's crew on the tape.

A spokesperson for Jersey City Police Chief Ron Buonocare said police want 50 Cent to "come and talk to us so we can determine what transpired." As of Thursday, police hadn't been contacted by anyone representing 50 Cent and were considering using an arrest warrant to compel him to come forward.

50's rep said the rapper is now in Los Angeles shooting the video for the G-Unit single "Stunt 101" (see "50 Cent, G-Unit Plan To Make Fans Beg For Mercy On New LP").