Fred Durst Talks More Trash About Britney, Borland; Nabs Halle Berry For Clip

Limp Bizkit frontman says his former guitarist acted like a 'moron.'

Despite an apparent cease-fire to the mudslinging between Fred Durst and Britney Spears, the Limp Bizkit frontman just can't seem to say enough about the sexy singer.

Onstage Saturday at a free concert in London's Finsbury Park, Durst introduced the tune "Break Stuff" by taking a swipe at the pop star. At the opening of the Significant Other single with the prophetic line "It's all about the he-said/she-said bullsh--," Durst made his proclamation.

"How many people out there have had one of those f---ed-up days?" he asked the crowd. "I can remember quite a few f---ed-up days just recently, and I think I spent those days with that f---ing bitch Britney Spears."

Durst and Spears had collaborated on some tracks for her new album, and talk of a soured romantic affair spread like butter in August (see "Durst Dishes Alleged Britney Nookie On Howard Stern Show"). It's still not known whether Spears' collaboration with Durst will appear on her next album, due in November (see "Britney Talks New Album But Remains Coy On First Single").

"Her label had called me and said Britney's trying to be shocking and different and daring," he said of the pairing during a press conference before the show. "So we get in the studio, and it was my way of seeing if we had chemistry at all and if I thought she was cool or this crazy, dumb little pop girl with this great ass."

Durst also announced that actress Halle Berry was going to star in the video for Limp Bizkit's next single, a cover of the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes." The video, which follows "Eat You Alive," is said to have a similar feel to that of Berry's next flick, the supernatural thriller "Gothika" (see "Halle Berry Takes Horror Cues From Dear Old Mom In 'Gothika' ").

An Interscope Records spokesperson said that details on Limp Bizkit's next single and video were still being finalized.

The Bizkit frontman also spouted off at departed guitarist Wes Borland, saying he "acted like a f---ing moron" for leaving the band in October 2001.

When he wasn't talking trash, Durst led Limp Bizkit through a set that contained three new songs, "Eat You Alive," "Under the Gun" and the cover of "Behind Blue Eyes," all of which will appear on the group's Results May Vary, due September 23. The crowd was also shocked to see the newly guitar-playing Durst perform solo on a new composition of his called "Nevermind."

"Red Light - Green Light," a song featuring the talents of Snoop Dogg, will also appear on the follow-up to 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. The pair hit the studio in March. Durst's collaborations with Bubba Sparxxx and Jay-Z apparently didn't make the cut (see "Snoop Dogg, Bubba Sparxxx May Appear On Limp Bizkit's Album").

Durst's latest comments are in direct opposition to the "new leaf" he turned nearly two years ago (see "Fred Durst: Give Peace A Chance"). Durst had agreed to let bygones be bygones with his opposition, swore that he was not a hater and admitted to actually liking Creed (see "Fred Durst Is Not a Hater, Fred Durst Is Not A Hater, Fred Durst Is Not ...").

Results May Vary track list, according to Interscope Records:

  • "Re Entry (Intro With All Around the World)"

  • "Eat You Alive"

  • "Gimme the Mic"

  • "Underneath the Gun"

  • "Down Another Day"

  • "Almost Over"

  • "Build a Bridge"

  • "Red Light - Green Light"

  • "The Only One"

  • "Let Me Down"

  • "Lonely World"

  • "Phenomenon"

  • "Creamer (Radio Is Dead)"

  • "Head for the Barricade"

  • "Behind Blue Eyes"

  • "Drown"