Fabolous To Let Idaho In On The Mixtape Game

Brooklyn rapper's Street Dreams: The Mixtape to feature collabos with Brandy, Joe Budden, Busta Rhymes.

The Rock the Mic Tour did more for Fabolous than give him some extra ducats and exposure to hip-hop fans. Traveling to places that he's never been before gave the Brooklyn slick-talker perspective.

So instead of dropping his upcoming Street Dreams: The Mixtape only in his hometown, he wants everyone to get a chance to cop it in stores when it arrives in late October.

"Street Dreams: The Mixtape is taking it back to the mixtape DJ Clue days," Fab said late last month. "It's me getting on there and ripping [rhymes] over other people's beats, doing whatever I wanna do. We got a little DVD coming with it so people will be able to see a little bit of footage of shows and interviews.

"At first I made the mixtape to just throw out in the streets of New York, but I wanna get it to everywhere," he added. "I want everybody to hear the flow, not just [my singles]. I want the white kids in Boise, Idaho, where I was just touring, to hear me."

Fab recorded most of his mixtape before going out with Rock the Mic then added a few tracks while on the road. He's in the midst of finishing up now. So far he has collaborations with the G-Unit's Lloyd Banks, Brandy, Joe Budden and Busta Rhymes and is contemplating putting out a track with his own artist, singer Mike Shorey ("Can't Let You Go"), called "Make You Mine" as the first single.

"I rapped over one of Kelly Rowland's old beats," he said of the track with Shorey. "It's a crazy club song. There's also another club joint that's not even titled yet [that might be the first single]. It's coming. It's going to be what you wanna hear."

Besides his mixtape, Fab is also starting production on his third studio album. He said he isn't discriminating when it comes to possible producers.

"The official album will be out early or mid-April," he revealed. "The name of the album is Real Talk. It's going to be music but it's going to real. I want it to be like a conversation; I got songs for all people to relate to.

"Whoever comes with some joints, if they're hot, just give them to me," he added about the production. "I don't want to get sidetracked, like, 'I want a Neptunes beat or Timbaland beat or Dr. Dre beat.' I would love to work with those people if they come with something, but it could be a dude that just walks up to me on the street. I go home and listen to [the beat CD]. A lot of times it don't be having no heat on there but sometimes you may bump into some heat."

As always, Fab has a bunch of guest appearances for other people's projects on the burner. So far, a remix of the Young Gunz's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" and a slot on a cut by the Trackmasters' new female R&B trio, XSO Drive, are the only concrete ones.