Psychic Helps Godsmack Singer Overcome Fear Of New Orleans

Frontman Sully Erna tells the tale in band's next single, 'Re-Align.'

Roll over, Shirley MacLaine, and tell Jimmy Page the news. Godsmack's next single, "Re-Align," is about a past-life regression frontman Sully Erna had last year in New Orleans.

For years, Erna felt queasy and depressed every time he passed through the Big Easy, and while he couldn't explain why, he felt like there was some oppressive force in the city eating him alive.

"I could be in the best mood, and then I'd go through there, and within an hour it was like something sucked all the life out of me," he said. "I'd get really sad, and sometimes I couldn't get out of bed. The first time, it totally knocked me off balance and I wasn't able to perform. They shuttled me out of there in a van because I couldn't breathe that well. I wrote it off as an anxiety attack, but then it happened again and again."

To figure out what strange powers were causing him to fall apart, Erna enlisted the help of a psychic healer, who helped him realize what had happened to him there a long, long time ago.

"I was able to see that I had lived there at one point and gone through a lot of crazy stuff and died there," Erna said. "It was as though someone just pushed 'play' in my mind and told me, 'Watch this.' I went through this really weird past-life regression. I don't want to get into it too much because I sound like a crazy man, but it was pretty intense when it went down. I was full-on crying. I was a mess. It was pretty wild."

Thanks to his newfound insight, Erna should feel punchy as a prizefighter when Godsmack play the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans this Halloween. The show will be the last scheduled date of the band's upcoming North American Faceless tour, which begins September 12 in Buffalo, New York.

On November 18, Godsmack will release the eight-song acoustic album The Other Side, featuring four new songs and four unplugged versions of album cuts (see "Same Attitude, Lower Volume: Godsmack Unplug For Acoustic LP"). Two of the previously unreleased tracks, "Running Blind" and "Voices," are old songs Erna wrote but never recorded; one will be by Dropbox, a band Erna recently signed to Universal, and one will be a collaboration between Dropbox and Erna.

"It kind of has a Temple of the Dog vibe," Erna said, referring to a '90s collaboration between members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. "I wanted to do an acoustic record because we've never wanted to put a ceiling on ourselves. We always want to have a different vein to pursue and try different things and not limit ourselves to just being a heavy rock band. I think people are really going to be surprised."

Godsmack tour dates, according to Universal Records:

  • 9/12 - Buffalo, NY @ University of Buffalo
  • 9/13 - Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
  • 9/15 - Cleveland, OH @ Tower City Amphitheatre
  • 9/16 - Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo's
  • 9/18 - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
  • 9/19 - London, ON @ Centennial Hall
  • 9/20 - Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
  • 9/23 - Winnipeg, MB @ Walker Theatre
  • 9/25 - Edmonton, AB @ Jubilee Theatre
  • 9/26 - Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall
  • 9/28 - Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
  • 10/1 - Salem, OR @ Salem Armory
  • 10/2 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
  • 10/7 - San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
  • 10/8 - San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
  • 10/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Amphitheatre
  • 10/11 - Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre
  • 10/12 - Tucson, AZ @ Anselmo Amphitheatre
  • 10/13 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
  • 10/15 - Sacramento, CA @ Memorial Auditorium
  • 10/19 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Air Pavilion
  • 10/21 - Colorado Springs, CO @ City Auditorium
  • 10/23 - Lubbock, TX @ Memorial Coliseum
  • 10/24 - Dallas, TX @ Nextstage
  • 10/25 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete St Amphitheatre
  • 10/27 - Austin, TX @ Music Hall
  • 10/28 - Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theatre
  • 10/29 - Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theatre
  • 10/31 - New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Festival

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