New Releases: Linkin Park, Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beth Orton, 'Underworld' Soundtrack & More

The Raveonettes are back on the chain gang again, the Chain Gang of Love, that is. The group's major-label debut will lead with the single "That Great Love Sound," and a dark video shot by Sophie Muller (Coldplay, Radiohead) in which the Danish duo try to kill each other.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club follow up their 2001 debut, B.M.R.C, with Take Them On, On Your Own, a rock record through and through, best seen on "Stop" and "Six Barrel Shotgun."

Linkin Park reissue their "Frat Party at the Pancake Festival," a DVD of the group's videos from Hybrid Theory, including "Crawling" and "Points of Authority," as well as concert footage and a peek into a day in the life of Linkin Park.

Jeff Buckley re-releases Live at Sin-e, except this time the album contains more than two more hours of music than the original, plus a bonus DVD featuring more music and a poem by Buckley. The extended version of the album features Buckley covering Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone.

Beth Orton finds herself on The Other Side of Daybreak, a remix album of last year's Daybreaker. Orton's music gets tinkered with by the likes of the Chemical Brothers and Roots Manuva.

The soundtrack to "Party Monster," the upcoming film starring Macaulay Culkin as nightclub kingpin turned murderer Michael Alig, features "The La La Song" by Marilyn Manson, "Seventeen" by Ladytron, and such classic dance songs as Stacy Q's "Two of Hearts" and Shannon's "Give Me Tonight."

Finally, the soundtrack to the vampire flick "Underworld" mostly features new songs including material by Wes Borland, John Frusciante, A Perfect Circle and David Bowie.

Out Tuesday, September 2:

  • 31knots - It Was High Time to Escape (54º40' or Fight!)

  • 93 Million Miles - 93 Million Miles (EP, Simba)

  • Ace - Sounds Still Hungry (Snapper)

  • The Actual - Songs on Radio Idaho (Eyeball)

  • Airport Girl - Do You Dream in Color? (EP, Matinee)

  • Corey Andrew - We're All Stars (A1s)

  • Anti-Establishment - Oi! Collection (Captain Oi!)

  • Barcode - Hardcore (Progress)

  • Gene Bertoncini - Acoustic Romance (Sons of Sound)

  • Black Box Recorder - Passionoia (One Little Indian)

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own (Virgin)

  • Michael Bolton - Vintage (Passion Group)

  • Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-e (DVD, Sony)

  • Buttless Chaps - Love This Time (Mint)

  • The Caseworker - These Weeks Should Be Remembered (Manifesto)

  • Cerberus Shoal - Claiming the Knoblessone (North East Indie)

  • Chateau - Fight to the Last (Castle)

  • Jesse Cook - Nomad (Narada World)

  • Chris Cortez - Hold It Right There (Blue Bamboo)

  • Crackdown - Rise Up (Progress)

  • Pernell Disney - Severn Way (Disney Whirl)

  • Linda Eder - Storybook (Angel)

  • Either Orchestra - Neo-Modernism (Accurate)

  • Fingertight - In the Name of Progress (Columbia)

  • Daggers - Light Up Your Daughters (Unity Squad)

  • Dead End Cruisers - Patron Saints of Wheeless Lane (Unity Squad)

  • Destruction Made Simple - Revolution Evolution (One Shot)

  • Devante - Ready or Not (A1s)

  • Disrespect - Hit the Ceiling (Progress)

  • Elegy Radio Ensemble - Elegy (Chairkickers)

  • Elektrofant - Flipstick (Beatservice)

  • Erika - Devuelveme la Vida (WEA)

  • Erotic - Million Empty Lives (A1s)

  • Evil Devil - Breakfast at the Psychohouse (Crazy Love)

  • F-Minus - Sweating Blood (Bridge Nine)

  • Find Him and Kill Him - Cut Them to Pieces (Happy Couples Never)

  • The Fitness - Call Me for Together (The Control Group)

  • Five Deez - Kinkynasti (K7)

  • Freebase - My Life, My Rules (Progress)

  • Freedom and Whiskey - Freedom and Whiskey (Progress)

  • Goldblade - Strictly Hardcore (Thick)

  • Holland - Little Monsters (Wounded Bird)

  • Mike Holober - Canyons (Sons of Sound)

  • Jesus and Mary Chain - BBC Live in Concert (Strange Fruit)

  • Danko Jones - Born a Lion (Simba)

  • Mick Karn - Each Path a Remix (United States)

  • Knifehandchop - Rockstopper (Tigerbeat)

  • Landmine Spring - Are We the Culprits? (Abstract Sounds)

  • Graham Lindsey - Famous Anonymous Wilderness (Catamount)

  • Little Wings - Discover Worlds of Wonder (K)

  • Lee Mallory and Joey Stec - Japan (Sound City)

  • Los Halos - Leaving VA (Loveless)

  • Los Kung-Fu Monkeys- End Transmission (One Shot)

  • Rick McLaughlin - Study of Light (Accurate)

  • The National - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers (Brassland)

  • Scout Niblett - I Am (Secretly Canadian)

  • No-Man - Together We're Stranger (Snapper)

  • Okkervil River- Down the River of Golden Dreams (Jagjaguar)

  • Beth Orton - The Other Side of Daybreak (Astralwerks)

  • Penance - Spiritualnatural (Martyr)

  • The Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love (Columbia)

    Read: "Raveonettes Attempt To Commit Murder In New Video"

  • Noel Redding & Friends - Live from Bunker-Prague (Track)

  • Riot Squad - Jump! (Castle)

  • Rogue Nation - Sedition (Uprising)

  • Dan Rose - Fountains (Midlantic)

  • Roughnecks - Real Deal (Crazy Love)

  • Alejandro Sanz - No Es Lo Mismo (Warner Music)

  • Ken Schaphorst - Indigenous Technology (Accurate)

  • Sham 69 - At the BBC (Strange Fruit)

  • Naja Shiri - Dat Bomb (On the Block)

  • Slipside - World Can Wait (Matinee)

  • Soul-Junk - 1958 (Sounds Familyre)

  • Speed Dealer - Bleed (DeAd Teenager)

  • Spoken - A Moment of Imperfect Clarity (Solid State)

  • Strangeways - Living in the Danger Zone (Castle)

  • Stray - Time Machine: Anthology 1970-76 (Castle)

  • There Were Wires - Somnambulists (EP, Iodine)

  • Thou Shalt Not - The White Beyond (Dancing Ferret)

  • Thug Law - Thug Life Outlawz, Chapter 2 (Riviera)

  • Up to Vegas - Voodoo Truckin' (Crazy Love)

  • Brad Upton - Lionheart (Black Orchid)

  • The Wailing Souls - Souvenir from Jamaica (AO!)

  • Woven Hand - Blush Music (Sounds Familyre)

  • Richard X - Presents His X Factor, Vol. 1 (Astralwerks)

  • Various artists - #1 Pop Hits (Madacy)

  • Various artists - Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 3 (Arcania)

  • Various artists - Attack of the Killer Rock Sound (Columbia)

  • Various artists - Definitive American Songbook, Vols. 1 and 2 (Capitol)

  • Various artists - Fado: Exquisite Passion (Narada World)

  • Various artists - Orange Twin Sampler (Orange Twin)

  • Various artists - "Party Monster" soundtrack (TVT Soundtrax)

  • Various artists - String Quartet Tribute to Jeff Buckley (Also John Cougar and Iron Maiden, Vitamin)

  • Various artists - A Tribute to AFI (Also Ministry and Mudvayne, Big Eye)

  • Various artists - "Underworld" soundtrack (Lakeshore)

  • DVD: Linkin Park - Frat Party at the Pancake Festival (Warner Bros.)

September 9:

September 16:

October 7:

October 14:

  • Mariah Carey - Remixes (Sony)