Good Charlotte Begin Work On Next LP, Get Psyched About 50 Cent Watching Them

Band plans to write songs while on the road.

Before the members of Good Charlotte disappear to start working on a new record, they want to give a sonic hug to their devoted fans.

The band's next single, the emotive, mid-paced "Hold On," is about all the mail they've received over the years and how much it has meant to them.

"We get [letters] from kids when we're on tour, and they all say how much our songs help them," rhythm guitarist Billy Martin said backstage after Good Charlotte's rehearsal for the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday. "That means a lot to us, so this is a big thank you to all of those people."

"Hold On" will be the last single from the band's multiplatinum second album, The Young and the Hopeless. Good Charlotte have started assembling songs for a follow-up and plan to do much more writing when they hit the road this fall (see "Good Charlotte To Reward All The Good 'Boys And Girls' With New Tour").

"We're hoping everything comes together when we have our own tour with a practice room and soundchecks and we're really together a lot," Billy said.

What can fans expect next go-round? It's too early to tell for sure, but Billy said no one will be disappointed.

"We have all gotten a lot better on our instruments, and we really challenged ourselves on the last record," he said. "I think we'll just do the same thing, and hopefully it will be even better."

As much as Good Charlotte are planning for the future, at the moment they're concentrating on the present. While they've played tons of sold-out shows and made numerous TV appearances, they've never played a big awards show, and they're somewhat humbled at the prospect of being on the VMAs (see "50 Cent, Good Charlotte To Perform; Diddy, Kelly Clarkson To Present At VMAs").

"This is all new for us, and it feels really weird being in here when it's empty and seeing all the names taped on the seats and thinking, 'Wow, 50 Cent's gonna watch us play,' " Billy said. "I'm kind of nervous, but it's awesome. It's gonna be great."

The 2003 VMA action comes to you live on Thursday, August 28 starting at 6:30 p.m. with the MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act.

The 2003 Video Music Awards, hosted by Chris Rock, follow immediately at 8 p.m.

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